Sunday, June 10, 2012

Weekend rambles...

Don't you hate it when your away from the laptop or iPhone you always come up with awesome ideas but by the time you need that awesome idea you have forgotten it.... That's what has happened to me, I had an awesome topic for my blog and now its gone :(

So I am flying by the seat of my pants here peeps, sorry in advance hehe

Having one of those self doubting days today.... Feeling fat, ugly, the scales haven't changed and the I hate all my clothing as its either too big or too small attitude is so taking over.... Oh god I sound so whinny BLA

So I think its time to have a look back, I am ever so focused on the future that I forget where I have come from!

Back in the day when I was fat I never would of dreamed of employing a personal trainer (let alone becoming one) and I never would of dreamed the strength that I would posses! I was very much house bound, I wouldn't go out and I wouldn't be doing this! I am so much happier, I am bubbly and full of enthusiastic energy that can sometimes be annoying hehe but I am me and you know what I genuinely love being me :) But I think sometimes I forget that because I am so focused and dedicated to getting on stage, I don't actually take the time to enjoy where I am at, it wasn't until I was a pic from an AWA stand was posted that I realised you know what I ain't that bad to look at!

So its time to make sure that I stay focused and on target for stage but that I also remember just how far I have come :)

Keep smiling and train HARD peeps :)

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