Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Where to start????

Starting at the beginning is always best haha

So I have moved into my lovely cosy home, that is actually so well heated that we can sit around in T-shits and not get frost bite hehe... My ex landlord was quite the nasty pasty pasty and reminded me of a nasty little chiwawa that I would gleefully kick over the back fence (now wouldn't it be funny if he read my blog hehe) anyway he whinged and whined that I left the house in a state, my agent pretty much laughed at him and told me not to stress so that's what I am doing :)

So it took me two days to fully move in as I was doing it by the car load until I was able to get the boys to help me out, I finally unpacked the last box on Sunday....Damn it felt good! So I am officially all settled in :)

I officially signed up as an Athletes With Attitude sponsored athlete and boy oh boy does it feel amazing! I literally feel like doing the happy dance :) The support that I am receiving from the AWA team is amazing but the best bit ever is being able to help others by sharing my experiences, this 'weightloss' thing is bloody hard work and you know what I think it cant do it without the right advice and support! So not only do I get all my supplement needs from Athletes with Attitude I also get alot of motivation and inspiration to keep going :)

Through AWA I have also had the pleasure to meet some amazing people, just yesterday I had coffee with the gorgeous Jess who is stepping on stage for the first time this year (October) I am very excited and totally thrilled to call this girl my friend! She is a huge inspiration, so down to earth and has been such a huge support to me, this girl is just super inspiring! her body transformation is jaw dropping and her dedication to her dreams/goals is unwavering and has totally rubbed off on me :)

Ooo and lets not forget the gorgeous Rhi, a newbie to the world of supplements, I meet Rhi at AWA Ballarat store and we just hit it off, sharing a weight loss journey similar to mine we get to swap stories and recipes and give each other that motivational kick when needed :)

Then just today as I was going in to buy some new AWA T-Shirts I meet Samantha who is training with the boys down at Perfit and is also doing the Metabolic Precision coaching with Julian, we got talking about the program and the training and food prep... reckon we could of stood there for ages just gas bagging hehe I loved it!

I am so motivated and totally buzzing.... Helping people really is an awesome feeling :)

So lets talk dirty...Diet that is hehe.... So while I was moving my diet was oh so DIRTY in fact it was down right filthy!!!! I was so so so so so sick... I think I had about every take away meal known to man blur.... But this laps in diet has proven to me that what I am doing is working for me, that my lifestyle that I have worked hard to build is and always will be the only way that I will eat! After 4 or so days of poor eating I became bitchy, tired and lethargic.... 1 day of clean eating MP style found me feeling energised and pretty much 100% again, although when I cardioed I literally sweated out all the yuckies that I had put into my poor body... While eating poorly I noticed that my training was suffering but now its back on track :)

So I am starting my next 12 week Metabolic Precision program, this doesn't really change as such its more my goals for the 12 weeks have change for example I want to tighten up my metabolic window so I am using it more effectively and I also want to make sure that I track better this time round because I did let that slip towards the end of my first 12 week program. This time round I am also going to make specific blog entries that just cover the MP 12 weeks along with pics and measurements so that then you guys can get a better idea of what MP is all about (of course you can also contact Julian head coach at Perfit Ballarat)

So let me share a pic with you that I took last week, its a close up progress pic of my tummy I took it on my iPhone so its real no photoshop here! To avoid that crinkly old lady skin I have been using heaps of Palmers body cream and oil along with Bio oil and also by making sure I drink heaps of water and take lots of fish oil and flax seed oil... working inside and out to get results like this :)

Right so I think I have blabbered on enough, so should of given a warning that caffeine will be need before reading this post hehe :P

Keep smiling and train HARD peeps :)

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