Thursday, July 26, 2012

Doubt creeps in

Week 3 and things are getting tough, I weighed and took measurements and there have been no changes! It's really given me a punch in the guts, I feel I've worked so hard and my diet has been cleaner than ever, but still no changes.

I'm feeling very disheartened!

My funk has affected my eating, timing and laziness has crept up on me too. I am still training hard but training is only a small part, to shred fat it all comes down to clean frequent eating that keeps the metabolism burning full speed all day!

Yesterday I received my dress for my friends wedding, I tried it on and I looked and felt amazing! It fitted like a glove, I started to think about shoes and jewelry and what I'll do with my hair and makeup.... For the first time ever I'm going to wear colour my friend is going to freak hehe. This really did help me but unfortunately due to today being such a mess time wise my eating was not super clean but I did eat 6 meals and remember my supps so that's a positive step back on track :)

I also have been practicing in my high heels, wow never did I think a pair of shoes could make me feel so feminine and sexy! I'm so in love with them, take a look on my Facebook page as I can't post pics from my iPhone blogger....

Sometimes I think I get so carried away with numbers that I forget that when I started my journey it was all about being healthy, right now I am very healthy! I'm no longer morbidly obese and my fitness and mental well being are at an all time high! So why am I now letting the scales and tape measure upset me? I think because I'm challenging myself to get on stage, I'm out of my comfort zone and requiring a lot more from myself....

I realise this isn't a bad thing, this a learning experience for me and what I've learnt is that I need to put aside the numbers and focus purely on each individual day, have each meal prepped and stop being lazy and reaching for the easier option or worse skipping meals!

So tomorrow no more negative thoughts, time to just dig in and be patient changes will happen I just have to be more consistent and focus on what counts and that's training and clean eating!

So no more thinking, time to just DO!!!

Keep smiling and train hard peeps X

Sunday, July 22, 2012

Playing dodge cake...

I think I have just created a new sport haha

OK no I haven't... but due to my kiddies going away on my birthday next weekend we have been celebrating my birthday this weekend, boy have I been spoilt rotten :)
But as we all know with birthdays comes birthday cake! Today marks the end of week 2 of pre-comp dieting and there is no way in hell that I am going to ruin all my hard work, so I stood strong well sat actually hehe and said No thank you woo hoo go me :)

Although I will admit I did feel a little rude because my mum had slaved over my cake at 6am in the morning, but in feeling guilty I justify it in saying that everyone in my life right now knows I am in pre-comp prep and know that cake is a no no... so that made me feel a little better hehe

What I am finding really awesome is that I am in such an awesome head space right now, diet is easy as I am sticking to veggies and chicken or veggies and fish for each meal (all my solid and liquid meals are in accordance to metabolic precision) I am also taking a multi vitamin, flax oil and fish oil capsules along with protein shakes (3 solid meals and 3 liquid meals) I am feeling energised and not one bit bitchy or should that be not any bitchier than usual hehe, I am powering through my new training program and finding that I am recovering well.

On the topic of new training program Julian is working closely with me, I really enjoy working with Julian because he really seems to get me and when I am not fully understanding something he comes up with a way of simplifying it so I do get it :) We are working in a crossfit style and it really is blitzing my body, I found myself having to tighten my pants today while I was doing a round of cardio on the spin bike, as I went to stand up my pants fell down.... I went all shades of red hehe but luckily the gym was rather empty today. I really loved last Friday's session with Julian, not only did I leave there feeling like I had achieved something but I also felt like I had gotten to a new level in my training, I pushed through the pain and the feeling of puking although a bucket was there just in case hehe I am now really pumped to see what my next training session is :)

On another topic, I am so super excited!!!! The Athletes With Attitude Ballarat store is having there open day on my birthday (28th july, this Saturday woop woop) I am so totally pumped, it's about time ballarat got serious about fitness and if anyone can do it Glenn (owner of AWA) can do it :) It's also very exciting because since AWA has been in town people are coming up and talking to me in my gym and asking me for weightloss advice and telling me how much of an inspiration I am to them because Glenn has told them all about me and my success, I am absolutely on cloud nine! I always told myself that if I could touch just one persons life and inspire them then I would be happy... I have done that and more and I am absolutely over the moon :)

Well it is time for me to go prep for tomorrow, chicken needs cooking and supps set up along with shakes and gym wear needs to be put in the dryer....Lots to do tonight so that tomorrow all I need to do is wake up, eat and drop my kiddies off and start my day woo hoo :)

Keep smiling and train HARD peeps X

Sunday, July 15, 2012

Weekend wrap up

Jasmine is getting into her pj's while William sings in high notes in the shower hehe such is life :)

This weekend was my kiddies weekend with their dad, so I spent my time amongst wonderful company in Geelong. I kept up with my training and my pre comp prep diet, now when I say pre comp prep I mean this is the diet that is going to get me ready for the comp diet.... I guess you can say this is sort of a practice run, I am giving myself almost 12 months in order to get ready for my stage debut, 6 months to strip the fat and see how I come in and then 6 months to build muscle and then decide what division I will enter.

I am going to get help from my wonderful sponsor Glenn owner of Athletes with Attitude and get some finer details off him in regards to weight and body fat percentage just so I have an idea of where I need to be numbers wise before I step on stage. I am so lucky that I already know who I am going to get to make my bikini and help with posing routine and music, I am also very lucky to have some awesome AWA girls that will be in comp prep mode when I am so I will have a massive support there..... Hmmm what else.... Oh how could I forget, my wonderful coach Julian owner of Perfit Ballarat is also a huge supporter and help for my pre comp prep and we are training in a new and exciting way which I had my first sesh on Friday and all I can say is OUCH, an awesome ouch though, as Julian worked very closely with me and helped me with form and technique, I worked so hard I was shaking it was AWESOME, I just know that I can do this :)

Actually I must say that Friday's training and coaching session were huge, not only did I train harder than I ever have before but I also learnt alot about myself, my abilities and how I'm an impact on others! Julian really is an amazing coach, he helped me to see things in myself that I didn't see, he has helped me to become a better ME! I now realise that even the negative people in my life have something to offer me and that is a lesson in how not to be and that in itself is priceless and something that I should be thankful for :)

On a less serious not I bought my very first pair of practise high heels, they are super sexy that have a black heel and soul with pink tribal tattoo designs on them they are so me, not sure I will be able to wear them on stage but I am in love them either way hehe, I felt amazing in them I might even go as far to say I felt sexy hehe oh and I didn't look as silly walking in them as I thought I would..... It was funny though when I asked the lady if they sold training wheels to go with the high heels hehe, the lady was also very helpful with tips on how to make wearing the shoes more comfy. I am also very lucky to know a gorgeous girl that can teach me how to walk with confidence in my new sexy high heels :)

Things are really falling into place now, I am so excited to have a date to work towards and learning all the finer details is making it seem more real....

So bring it on... Week two begins tomorrow with super clean diet and cardio to make my fat cells cry hehe

Keep smiling and train HARD peeps X

Sunday, July 8, 2012

Sunday of epicness!!

Where do I begin!!!!!

Today was the Athletes with Attitude lunch, I got to meet alot of new people and boy oh boy did I love it, I was really nervous at the start cause I was in a room with alot of BEAUTIFUL people that really know what fitness is all about and totally looked the part.... I was really nervous because I knew I would have to get my butt up for pics and I felt like I really didn't deserve them because I wasn't in shape....

But I quickly snapped out of it, I was pushed into the gym where I posed for some pics and the lovely photographer made me feel so comfy and was like just imagine how awesome its going to be to be able to look back on these.... I was able to have a sneak peak at them and have to admit I was shocked by them I think I looked good :)

Talking to my absolute idols Jess and Bell and getting pics with them was just the icing on my calorie free cake today, I have followed these wonderful, gorgeous girls journey's and so so excited that I not only get to watch Jess grace the stage for the first time but I also have sorted out where I am going to get my bikini, posing and tanning tips from :)

I am so lucky to be surrounded by such a wonderful and supportive group of people, who all have a common goal and what I really loved is it didn't matter what sports background they came from they all got together and mingled....It was so super motivating :)

So I am now home and totally pumped to organise the next 6 months of my training! So lets have a look at where I came from and where I am now....
So it is time to get serious, no more excuse, no more getting sick and NO MORE NEGATIVITY!!!! 

In a year I have come so far so just imagine what I can do in the next 6 months! Going to a few comps in this time too so the motivation levels will be topped up and I always have my AWA family to turn to when the going gets tough :)

Keep smiling and train HARD peeps X

Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Brain overload...

Right so I have been super sick for the past week now with a damn cold! But I cant whinge too much because I caught it from my little boy so I cannot do my usual I hate the general public rant hehe

I have been house bound since Friday (I was kiddie free too) but have to admit by Monday I was feeling rather depressed, couldn't train due to my respiratory system being compromised and my energy levels were low (rolling outta bed gassed me) so it head me into a downward spiral of despair...Long story short I ate shit, barely moved....

I don't like going out while I am sick because I hate the idea of making someone else suffer my misery (Oh so dramatic I know hehe) I especially dont want to give my germs to trainers so I stayed away from Perfit, I did however on Tuesday decide enough was enough so decided it was high time I did some research on the 'common cold'..... So it turns out that before symptoms develop your already germ infested, your most contagious the first 4 days and your still somewhat contagious until all symptoms have gone..... So I went to the gym on day 5 made sure I wiped down machines after use with the disinfectant wipes that Anytime fitness supplies, made sure I didn't sneeze or cough on anyone and made sure that after I used a tissue I used hand sanitizer.... I sound like such a germ freak haha don't even ask how many tins of glen 20 I have been through, starting think I should take out shares in it hehe

I also decided to look up some ways to combat future colds, I don't really want to get the cold and flu injection (yes I have heaps of tattoos but I hate needles and avoid them like the plague hehe) So found some good herbal remedies that I am going to give a try... Echinacea and Garlic have immune boosting properties that can help build better resistance to the common cold, Echinacea helps to stimulate and increase production of infection fighting cells while Garlic helps to bolster the immunity system. Green tea is also good for strengthening ones immunity system which is awesome because I already have heaps of organic green tea and love it :)

So I went out today on the hunt for echinacea and garlic capsules, OMG do you know how many brands and ways in which they package these two herbs! I have to admit in my state I was not in the mood to be reading labels well it was slightly impossible due to my eyes running hehe Not only was that mind boggling but so too was the price range.... So I am going to continue my research and track down the best place that I can get these herbal remedies from. The thing about these remedies is like all supplementation you need to take them daily and b consistent with them or they wont work, so finding a cost efficient product that is quality is going to tough but at least its keeping me busy :)

I have found that researching has really helped me to stay positive, this cold came at a bad time it knocked me on my butt and also made me rather depressed (eww) life gets to much sometimes but I have come to realise that sulking and being miserable is no way to be, its not getting me closer to my goal in fact its getting me further away from my goals! I have to learn to not let negative things to affect me, so from now on I am going to challenge negative things with positive ones and learn to grow a thick skin.

Life is an amazing journey, full off lessons :)

Keep smiling and train HARD peeps :)

Sunday, July 1, 2012

Pic's and stuff...

I clearly have too much time on my hands, I was laying on the floor and running my finger tips over my tummy and I was like WOW I could feel ribs, i wasn't losing my fingers in fat and also my skin was feeling super super soft! So I totally had to share a pic hehe

I have had a rough week, so being able to see changes like this makes all the tough stuff melt away and somewhat be worthwhile. This week was so bad that I was ready to chuck it all in and just go it alone, I have delt with comments in the past that have upset me but comments coming from someone that you highly respect and trust is hard to handle, I am so very lucky to have such a wonderful and supportive bunch of friends because i think without them I would of chucked the towel in and quite! But then I look at my latest pics and think.... Fuck 'em if they dont know me by now they never will and its their loss cause I can do this, it is me thats doing all the hard work in the end, and its certainly paying off!

I swear my boobs have either grown or gotten a mirical lift hehe!

So with a week till my AWA meet and greet I have shed about 3kg and lost a dress, but I must confess my results would of been better if I didnt slacken this past week (Naughty me!) but I have this week to see what else I can pull off, I am going to get a mini make over and get my nails,hair and even a tan done and buy a nice new outfit and shoes :)

So exciting!!!

Keep smiling and train HARD peeps :)