Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Brain overload...

Right so I have been super sick for the past week now with a damn cold! But I cant whinge too much because I caught it from my little boy so I cannot do my usual I hate the general public rant hehe

I have been house bound since Friday (I was kiddie free too) but have to admit by Monday I was feeling rather depressed, couldn't train due to my respiratory system being compromised and my energy levels were low (rolling outta bed gassed me) so it head me into a downward spiral of despair...Long story short I ate shit, barely moved....

I don't like going out while I am sick because I hate the idea of making someone else suffer my misery (Oh so dramatic I know hehe) I especially dont want to give my germs to trainers so I stayed away from Perfit, I did however on Tuesday decide enough was enough so decided it was high time I did some research on the 'common cold'..... So it turns out that before symptoms develop your already germ infested, your most contagious the first 4 days and your still somewhat contagious until all symptoms have gone..... So I went to the gym on day 5 made sure I wiped down machines after use with the disinfectant wipes that Anytime fitness supplies, made sure I didn't sneeze or cough on anyone and made sure that after I used a tissue I used hand sanitizer.... I sound like such a germ freak haha don't even ask how many tins of glen 20 I have been through, starting think I should take out shares in it hehe

I also decided to look up some ways to combat future colds, I don't really want to get the cold and flu injection (yes I have heaps of tattoos but I hate needles and avoid them like the plague hehe) So found some good herbal remedies that I am going to give a try... Echinacea and Garlic have immune boosting properties that can help build better resistance to the common cold, Echinacea helps to stimulate and increase production of infection fighting cells while Garlic helps to bolster the immunity system. Green tea is also good for strengthening ones immunity system which is awesome because I already have heaps of organic green tea and love it :)

So I went out today on the hunt for echinacea and garlic capsules, OMG do you know how many brands and ways in which they package these two herbs! I have to admit in my state I was not in the mood to be reading labels well it was slightly impossible due to my eyes running hehe Not only was that mind boggling but so too was the price range.... So I am going to continue my research and track down the best place that I can get these herbal remedies from. The thing about these remedies is like all supplementation you need to take them daily and b consistent with them or they wont work, so finding a cost efficient product that is quality is going to tough but at least its keeping me busy :)

I have found that researching has really helped me to stay positive, this cold came at a bad time it knocked me on my butt and also made me rather depressed (eww) life gets to much sometimes but I have come to realise that sulking and being miserable is no way to be, its not getting me closer to my goal in fact its getting me further away from my goals! I have to learn to not let negative things to affect me, so from now on I am going to challenge negative things with positive ones and learn to grow a thick skin.

Life is an amazing journey, full off lessons :)

Keep smiling and train HARD peeps :)

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