Thursday, July 26, 2012

Doubt creeps in

Week 3 and things are getting tough, I weighed and took measurements and there have been no changes! It's really given me a punch in the guts, I feel I've worked so hard and my diet has been cleaner than ever, but still no changes.

I'm feeling very disheartened!

My funk has affected my eating, timing and laziness has crept up on me too. I am still training hard but training is only a small part, to shred fat it all comes down to clean frequent eating that keeps the metabolism burning full speed all day!

Yesterday I received my dress for my friends wedding, I tried it on and I looked and felt amazing! It fitted like a glove, I started to think about shoes and jewelry and what I'll do with my hair and makeup.... For the first time ever I'm going to wear colour my friend is going to freak hehe. This really did help me but unfortunately due to today being such a mess time wise my eating was not super clean but I did eat 6 meals and remember my supps so that's a positive step back on track :)

I also have been practicing in my high heels, wow never did I think a pair of shoes could make me feel so feminine and sexy! I'm so in love with them, take a look on my Facebook page as I can't post pics from my iPhone blogger....

Sometimes I think I get so carried away with numbers that I forget that when I started my journey it was all about being healthy, right now I am very healthy! I'm no longer morbidly obese and my fitness and mental well being are at an all time high! So why am I now letting the scales and tape measure upset me? I think because I'm challenging myself to get on stage, I'm out of my comfort zone and requiring a lot more from myself....

I realise this isn't a bad thing, this a learning experience for me and what I've learnt is that I need to put aside the numbers and focus purely on each individual day, have each meal prepped and stop being lazy and reaching for the easier option or worse skipping meals!

So tomorrow no more negative thoughts, time to just dig in and be patient changes will happen I just have to be more consistent and focus on what counts and that's training and clean eating!

So no more thinking, time to just DO!!!

Keep smiling and train hard peeps X

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