Sunday, July 8, 2012

Sunday of epicness!!

Where do I begin!!!!!

Today was the Athletes with Attitude lunch, I got to meet alot of new people and boy oh boy did I love it, I was really nervous at the start cause I was in a room with alot of BEAUTIFUL people that really know what fitness is all about and totally looked the part.... I was really nervous because I knew I would have to get my butt up for pics and I felt like I really didn't deserve them because I wasn't in shape....

But I quickly snapped out of it, I was pushed into the gym where I posed for some pics and the lovely photographer made me feel so comfy and was like just imagine how awesome its going to be to be able to look back on these.... I was able to have a sneak peak at them and have to admit I was shocked by them I think I looked good :)

Talking to my absolute idols Jess and Bell and getting pics with them was just the icing on my calorie free cake today, I have followed these wonderful, gorgeous girls journey's and so so excited that I not only get to watch Jess grace the stage for the first time but I also have sorted out where I am going to get my bikini, posing and tanning tips from :)

I am so lucky to be surrounded by such a wonderful and supportive group of people, who all have a common goal and what I really loved is it didn't matter what sports background they came from they all got together and mingled....It was so super motivating :)

So I am now home and totally pumped to organise the next 6 months of my training! So lets have a look at where I came from and where I am now....
So it is time to get serious, no more excuse, no more getting sick and NO MORE NEGATIVITY!!!! 

In a year I have come so far so just imagine what I can do in the next 6 months! Going to a few comps in this time too so the motivation levels will be topped up and I always have my AWA family to turn to when the going gets tough :)

Keep smiling and train HARD peeps X

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