Sunday, July 15, 2012

Weekend wrap up

Jasmine is getting into her pj's while William sings in high notes in the shower hehe such is life :)

This weekend was my kiddies weekend with their dad, so I spent my time amongst wonderful company in Geelong. I kept up with my training and my pre comp prep diet, now when I say pre comp prep I mean this is the diet that is going to get me ready for the comp diet.... I guess you can say this is sort of a practice run, I am giving myself almost 12 months in order to get ready for my stage debut, 6 months to strip the fat and see how I come in and then 6 months to build muscle and then decide what division I will enter.

I am going to get help from my wonderful sponsor Glenn owner of Athletes with Attitude and get some finer details off him in regards to weight and body fat percentage just so I have an idea of where I need to be numbers wise before I step on stage. I am so lucky that I already know who I am going to get to make my bikini and help with posing routine and music, I am also very lucky to have some awesome AWA girls that will be in comp prep mode when I am so I will have a massive support there..... Hmmm what else.... Oh how could I forget, my wonderful coach Julian owner of Perfit Ballarat is also a huge supporter and help for my pre comp prep and we are training in a new and exciting way which I had my first sesh on Friday and all I can say is OUCH, an awesome ouch though, as Julian worked very closely with me and helped me with form and technique, I worked so hard I was shaking it was AWESOME, I just know that I can do this :)

Actually I must say that Friday's training and coaching session were huge, not only did I train harder than I ever have before but I also learnt alot about myself, my abilities and how I'm an impact on others! Julian really is an amazing coach, he helped me to see things in myself that I didn't see, he has helped me to become a better ME! I now realise that even the negative people in my life have something to offer me and that is a lesson in how not to be and that in itself is priceless and something that I should be thankful for :)

On a less serious not I bought my very first pair of practise high heels, they are super sexy that have a black heel and soul with pink tribal tattoo designs on them they are so me, not sure I will be able to wear them on stage but I am in love them either way hehe, I felt amazing in them I might even go as far to say I felt sexy hehe oh and I didn't look as silly walking in them as I thought I would..... It was funny though when I asked the lady if they sold training wheels to go with the high heels hehe, the lady was also very helpful with tips on how to make wearing the shoes more comfy. I am also very lucky to know a gorgeous girl that can teach me how to walk with confidence in my new sexy high heels :)

Things are really falling into place now, I am so excited to have a date to work towards and learning all the finer details is making it seem more real....

So bring it on... Week two begins tomorrow with super clean diet and cardio to make my fat cells cry hehe

Keep smiling and train HARD peeps X

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