Sunday, August 12, 2012

Failure is not an option!

There is no such thing as failure in my books! There is just falling downing and then picking myself up again to try again, but this time try a new strategy!

Two weeks of my new program has left me feeling nothing but soreness in every part of my body, well ok not my big toe or my nose hehe.... I have felt tired and the lack of results are totally screwing with my head.

But after taking Friday off and chatting to my coach via text I have come to the conclusion that yes he is right this program is brutal but you know what I can do brutal!

So I have had three days off training and diet and my body has fully recovered, tomorrow I plan on hitting training and diet from a new vantage point.... I think since deciding to compete next year I have just freaked myself out and become a bloody negative nacey on myself so enough of that shit.... Tomorrow I am going to keep it simple, I have fish and steamed veggies all ready to cook up in the morning to take with me, eggs ready to scramble for breaky and protein powder and supps ready to be packed also. I have my program all packed and my pre and post workout meals planned, my motivation levels will be filled to the brim because I am catching up and training with two gorgeous girls in the morning so I am set :)

So each day I am going to see as a new day, plan each meal to the letter and also my training and social time. I now my end goal is the bodybuilding stage but right now I am going to just focus on building healthy habits and routines in my training and diet :)

In other news, I am all set to get some fresh ink... I am so excited as I am finally doing a tribute piece to my life, starting with my gorgeous kiddies as they are my crowning achievement :) This sleeve is going to be colourful and bright with a hint of wisdom and cheeky charm hehe will be taking the design ideas in and my awesome artist is going to create something unique just for me, so excited!!!

Well its time for me to get my beauty sleep.

Keep smiling and train HARD peeps X

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