Saturday, August 18, 2012

May contain nuttiness :P

What a week!!!!

Right so I have been a little quiet due to being a little bit insane...ok ok ALOT insane hehe

Totally hit a mental wall and it really came to light on Friday, I have been struggling with the scales due to me being too girly yup it the clinical term for it hehe well its my clinical term for it :P Anyway long story short the scales haven't changed in a long time although according to my doctor due to my hormone levels I should be size of a house...Which clearly I am not :) So in fact I am living proof that if you keep pushing no matter what you will eventually get to your goal!

So I hit the wall on Friday, sent a very bla message to my head coach telling him I am a failure his prompt reply was 'Answer yes or no... Are you giving up?' which I replied in a heat beat with NO WAY..... So there it is I am not a failure because even though the scales aren't changing I am not giving up! A very wise man my coach :)

Then today I went in for an appointment with Eric manager at the Ballarat AWA store, I was also greeted by Glenn the owner and his gorgeous better half.... Oooo and the gorgeous Stacey was in too which was a lovely surprise. So we got to chatting about why I am not seeing any changes on the scales, health issue is now under control so shouldn't be too much of an issue anyway I was told to throw the scales away and go on clothing fit....So being the good girl that I am I have gone and hidden my scales in my car hehe, I am starting a new supplement plan and changing my training up and you know what I am bloody excited about it all, I finally have my mojo back YAY!!!

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