Sunday, August 26, 2012

Nip and tuck.....

I have been asked alot about how my body mostly my skin is looking underneath the clothing and I pride myself on being honest and sharing as much as possible so that my readers get the WHOLE story and not just the bits that sound good.

So it has been 7 days on my new stack thanks to my wonderful sponsors at Athletes with Attitude, they now have 3 awesome locations... It all started in Geelong and then Albert park and now my home town Ballarat (I am so spoilt hehe)
It has also been 4 weeks since my amazing coach handed me my new program, with his watchful eye and a few tweaks here and there it is now PERFECT!!! I cannot thank Julian Gaylor head coach and owner of Perfit Ballarat for all of his support and also to the wonderful Alex and Anthony for putting up with me :)

So here is a pic of me in all my glory, as you can see I have some awesome tiger stripes (stretch marks) around my tummy and hips. I now have a handful of boob left and my tummy is looking a little ummm saggy......
I can look at this pic and I don't see those before mentioned things, I see definition coming in through the whole torso, I have never been able to feel ribs before and now I can count them! I can also feel my hip and pelvic bones and I so didn't even know I owned them lol..... I guess what I am trying to say is that even though I have no boobs and stretch marks and at the moment my tummy doesn't look too good I am happy with my progress and in a very positive place right now :)
I have in the past been thinking alot about getting a tummy tuck and boob job, but when I look at this pic I actually think that I am happy to wait and see, my body is still dropping fat and tightening up so if I am patient I may be rather shocked (like I was when I saw this pic) of how I shape up.... So I guess the moral of the story is to be patient, work hard and be consistent and just watch the changes come in :)
Right well time for me to go give these stretch marks of mine some TLC with some body butter, then call it a night... Don't forget looking after yourself on the outside is just as important as what you put into your body, So lots of body butter, lots of water and heaps of health veggies and fish oil!
Keep smiling and train HARD peeps X


  1. Wow Em, looking amazing, you are obvioulsy working so hard to achieve those goals!

    Hilary xx

  2. Thank you Hilary :)
    Its awesome to see that all my hard work is paying off and I am so lucky to be able to share my story :)
    Em X