Thursday, September 27, 2012

School holidays and dark chocolate....

All I can say is thank the gods I am organised with meal in the freezer!

I have been kept super busy with my two monsters plus my niece monster hehe ok so they really are cute monsters :)

I have been working a bit and also studying, plus training like a women possessed well ok a women consumed by a cold but hey its something hehe

So I am smack bang into week two of Metabolic Precision, I have missed a couple of meals but mostly I have stuck to the plan, every 3 hours I am consuming metabolically precise meals my water consumption could be upped but right now for week two I am in a great place :)  I have done my weigh in but need to do photos and measurements.... will do them in the morning.

I have been enjoying some dark chocolate and a glass of red wine...God I love MP hehe

This week has also been a sad and memory filled..... It has been a year since my grandma passed away and not only was she on my mind but also the way in which she lived her life and it got me thinking about the way I am living my life.... My Gran was one fierce little women, she was strong and super driven and if something got in her way she would make sure it moved or else hehe I can see her now hand on her hip wagging her finger with that I told you so look on her face hehe If she were here today she would be telling me that life's a bugger but that's no excuse not to live it they way I want to!!!

So with that in my mind its time to dig the heels in and go for what I want harder then ever and make whatever stands in my way regret it ever got in the way of me!

Love you little Gran X

Keep smiling and train HARD peeps X never lose sight of your goals!!

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