Thursday, September 6, 2012

Throwing down the gloves....

The gloves are off and its game time :)

This was taken in July, I can still remember how bloody exhausted I was after my first ever attempt at Crossfit Perfit style! Julian took me for this session, I think the poor bugger was relieved when I finally got the concept of get ya guts out hehe....

I remember how hard it was in my first session and the few sessions to follow there after but I pushed through and I grew not only physically fitter but also mentally stronger thanks to these tough sessions :)

So what I learnt through these tough sessions I am now applying to my diet.... I have always battled with my diet, I have managed to clean it up A LOT!!! But I want it to be perfect (Yes I am only human and mistakes happen but you know what that excuse just doesn't cut it for me!) I want to make my diet super clean because next year there is no room for mistakes, so why should there be now!

Thanks to Metabolic Precision nutrition is made simple, its now just a matter of timing and getting the right nutrients at the right time. Preparation is key with any successful program and if I am honest..... I have been bloody slack plain and simple!

So enough of being a lazy bum in the kitchen its time to give this diet thing the same arse kicking that I give my training  :)

Nothing worth having ever comes easy, I have worked bloody hard to get to where I am today.... Through exercise and clean nutrition you too can gain your dreams!!!
Keep smiling and train HARD X

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