Sunday, September 23, 2012

Week 1 done and dusted...

Reflection time:

I was getting a lot of compliments this week of how good I am looking, which made me feel so positive and happy and made eating and staying organised easier!
I decided to jump on the scales and with one eye opened I saw a nice drop in weight, which yes I know isn't the only way to gauge my progress but it is awesome to see that the way I am feeling is finally reflecting in the scales :)
My clothing is fitting better and I am feeling fitter as recovery from training is really fast and muscle soreness is almost nothing!

This week I did however manage to get sick with a damn head cold, I found myself feeling utterly exhausted Friday so I took the day off training and just slept... I slept the whole day away something I never usually do, I then used the weekend to just sleep and generally bum around in my PJs hehe
At least getting sick made me feel about some of the negative comments I got this week, well not negative but not positive remarks, I was just told I looked tired but I put that down to the fact that i am working/studying and playing mum its like three full time jobs hehe Oh oh but the funny comment I got from the Kamart door lady was that I looked serious, looking buying softener was very serious business lol

Feeling heaps better today I ended up cleaning out my bedroom, I applied the rules of the MP cupboards to my bedroom wardrobe and draws oh and floor cause I was running out of room in the wardrobe and draws lol.... I bagged up a heap of old fat clothes and clothing I will never wear again (which is most likely a good thing as my fashion sense well I didn't have any when I was bigger lol) I took it straight to the op shop and I feel absolutely amazing for it! I now have heaps of room for the new me :)

I then did some shopping and then came home and did a big cook up, chili beef and fritters for me and cookies and cup cakes for my kiddies :)

Tomorrow it's back to work for me and back to training.... Which I cant wait cause I feel ever so laaaazzzy hehe

Well it's time for me to shoot off some emails then head to bed.

Keep smiling and train HARD peeps X

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