Monday, September 3, 2012

You live and you learn....

Life is full of lessons, some are good and some are bad, but either way you learn from them and live to not repeat the bad ones again!

I am slowly learning that what I have accomplished is a great thing and that what I am striving to become is rather sort after, personal trainers (good ones) can change peoples lives in a hugely positive manner, trainers can help their clients recover from injury, lose weight, improve health and overall boost their clients confidence...What a gift :)

I have been inspired and motivated by some of the best trainers in the business and I am proud to call them not only my trainers but also my friends (even family) everything I am is thanks to these wonderful people :)

I plan on passing on the wealth of knowledge that has been passed down to me and through my own experiences good and bad I hope to change peoples lives in a positive way just like mine has been changed!

On that note more on my transformation..... My wonderful coach Julian has invited me to participate in the next metabolic precision challenge, its a body transformation challenge and not only will I gain a sexy bod but I am also in the running to win $5,000 now that would be massively handy as it would pay for my comp prep :) So its time to get cracking and really track everything that goes into my mouth, timing is everything and I know this is one of my down falls so this is an awesome opportunity to pull my finger out and do my coach and myself proud :)

Time for me to get some shut eye, but if you have any question about metabolic precision or Perfit don't hesitate to ask :)

Keep smiling and train HARD peeps X

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