Thursday, October 25, 2012

beware rant may be contained in this blog....

Good evening fellow reader,

Today was an epic day of work, gym and then fun an games with my new fur baby around the lake before dinner..... Whilst my day was epic there were a few irritations that I just must share!

Today at the gym there was this one guy that I just wanted to SLAP he was constantly on his phone chatting, he would half heatedly lift a little then bam he was on the phone chatting away yet again and if that wasn't annoying enough he was then playing on the phone during sets as well....Seriously if you need to use your phone move away from other serious gym users and stop sitting on machines and messing with others routines also you can text your mates as to how awesome the gym is when really your doing NOTHING and honey don't forget your legs to grow too having a chest of steel and legs like tooth picks just looks silly... Em says NO! The gym or even the lake where I do cardio is my place to get away from the hustle and bustle of life, me time..... it might not be the way others see it but why wreck it for the people that do?

Luckily I was using mostly dumbbells and was able to cruise through my workout all but to end it by going to the bathroom and being greeted by a white toilet that well was no longer white.... without making people vomit seriously if you dirty something you clean it up, would you leave your bathroom in that state let alone your toilet? Well I bloody wouldn't and if my toilet was left that way the offender would be scrubbing it with their head lol

Well from there I then went to the supermarket to pick up dinner supplies, I went to pull in only to find that the car next to me was parked on an angle and had the front end of their car in my spot! My mummy taught me to be respectful when parking and to always make sure that I am in my spot properly as to not impede others ability to park.... obviously not all mums taught their kiddies that!

Seriously what has happened to society???? Where has the respect gone????

I am happy to say that even though I wanted to park in that spot and make it ever so difficult for that person to get into their car and maybe teach them to park properly in future.... I didn't, I pulled out and parked opposite, although I was tempted to write learn how to park in lipstick on their windscreen but i didn't want to wreck my fav lippy lol

So the moral to my rant is that even though others seem to no longer care about others feelings/space etc I still do and I will always try my best to follow my upbringing and be respectful to others :)

Ok rant over, I am starving....time to eat :)

Keep smiling and train HARD peeps X

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