Sunday, November 11, 2012

Lazy bum I am....

Oops, I am so lazy no new post in AGES!!!

I promise I am still here my beloved readers :)

So the low down on what has been going down in the house of Em.....

Training has been going flat out, I am now sitting on 75kg (The lightest weight I have ever ever been!) I am definitely fitter and very close to my first goal of 70kg before Xmas.... But I am nowhere near as excited as I thought I would be, infact I am so caught up in that next goal that I haven't enjoyed where I am at now, with my Perfit membership up I am thinking of taking the time out to just maintain and enjoy till the new year AND no this doesn't mean become lazy, it means MAINTAINING so my exercise and diet will remain the same with just a few tweaks..... When your goals take over your life you need to take a step back and find that balance again! Its not failure and it is not stopping it is simply a pause, time out to recollect and come back stronger :)

I posted before about needing a hobby, something that didn't involve fitness or diet or work and I have finally stumbled across something that has made me super excited... Mazda rotary..... OMG my first cruise has gotten me hooked!I got to dress up all cute in a pinup style and cruise around the beautiful route that was decided by the Melbourne crew, there was also an awesome market on at the last stop.... all I can say is WOW... I am now looking at doing up my own Mazda not a rotary engine though but I am going to look into getting a new engine built for my little beast... But first to save up those pennies :)
I have my next cruise coming up on the 17th I am so excited, I even have my outfit all picked out hehe I am also going to make some cute little cupcakes because its a special someones Bday and set aside Thursday to get the car detailed inside and out! Yup you can say I am a little excited ;)

I am so fighting the urge to hit the gym right now having a hard time thinking about what else I have been upto hehe clearly I am not a very exciting girl lol

Well I am going to leave it there and go fold the washing that is screaming my name hehe

Keep smiling and train HARD peeps X

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