Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Perfect time too....


Yup that's right peeps, its that time of the year where you can sit back and have a good think about where to begin the big clean up, life gets so busy that things get left to pile up and gather dust and I am not just talking about in the house or car I am also talking about FaceBook and other social network facilities that you may use.

So the overwhelming question is where to start????

I have decided to start in my living room which doubles as my office, So not only will I de-clutter the lounge I will de-clutter my desk, filing boxes and also my laptop along with all my online stuff. The lounge room is an important room as its where my family gather to spend quality time together but of late its been sort of a dumping ground and my desk has pretty much become the dumping ground for well everything that is in the form of paper lol so it certainly need to be organised along with all my business files. I did a de-clutter a few months back but with the Xmas rush things have become messy and cluttered again and I kinda feel that when my house is disorganised that my life becomes disorganised..... May sound silly but its true for me so time to get the clutter under control!

It is also the time of year where everyone sits down and makes their new years resolution, a fancy way of saying they are setting goals for the new year ahead, I am the type of girl that always has a goal that I am working towards and set goals of either short term or long term targets. I do however like to use the new year to evaluate, reset and make new goals/plans, so I will sit down tonight and crack on with that.....Although off the top of my head I have already gained most of my goals for 2012, thanks to the help of Perfit Ballarat and Athletes With Attitude Ballarat, there have been some wonderful highlights in 2012 that have set the wheels in motion for big things to happen in 2013 so excited to finally be able to say that I am HAPPY :)

I am going to be making 2013 the year of organisation due to that being my only downfall this year, pretty bloody awesome to think that the only thing that's slipped is my being organised in and around the home, so bring on the year of organisation, no more hunting for clean undies or my keys lol everything is going to be in its right place at all times.... well ok most of the time ;)

Well I am off to get started, I hope you are all set to have an epic new years celebration I know I am :)

Keep smiling and train HARD peeps X

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