Saturday, July 13, 2013

Brain Storming....

OK boy's and girls, grab a coffee and get comfy.... This could be long ;)

So I am so close to my due date that I can almost feel the pain (YIKES) and unfortunately boredom has set in HARDCORE! So how do we over come the waiting game? By planning ahead :)

So life has been very routine and thus boring so instead of lavishing my boredom on you I thought I would save you hehe.... I have been maintaining my training and eating, water aerobics and very light strength and cardio both indoors and out and my eating has been all planned out thanks to the 12WBT (Michelle Bridges 12 Week Body Transformation) I have been able to maintain my clothing size throughout my entire pregnancy and I am over the moon about that (Previous pregnancies saw me blossom to enormous proportions so I swore this pregnancy was going to be different!) Along with my training schedule I have maintain my home, entertained my family whilst on school holidays and manage to get credits in my uni assessments... I have been one productive mummy :)

The last week has seen me feeling very tired and no energy to scratch myself let alone train, but instead of getting grumpy at myself I am listening to my body and enjoying some simple things like facials and manicures, looking after my skin and indulging in some naughty foods.... Although I am enjoying indulging my naughty side I am craving getting back to my usual habits (when I have the energy) not long now... Only 17 days :)

With 17 days to go my impatience is increasing.... Patience was never my strong point hehe but why not use this 17 days (and perhaps more if baby decides to hang in there longer) to plan my recovery and new routine.... After bubs arrives I will still have to wait 6 weeks before I can visit my Dr and get the OK to train, if my Dr says I need more time to recover he may end up in a small world of hurt but Like I said I want this pregnancy to be different and so to the recovery, I never gave myself/my body the time to recover and found myself burning out and getting sick.... But not this time!

My main goals for recovery is going to be building onto the healthy habits that I have already started thanks to the 12WBT (Might even sign up for another round) So light weights, cardio and clean eating...Keeping it nice and simple so that I can build my routine around baby. To make life a little easier on myself I am going to get myself a gardner and take my mum up on the offer to help me out with some basic housework, I have been nesting hardcore so my house is spotless even finger marks have been removed from walls and doors so maintaining wont be hard I also use a handy website called FlyLady that helps me stay organised not only in housework but also in home work but things like gardening well they just don't fit into my time so instead of getting upset I am learning to delegate :)

Once I get the all clear from my Dr I will sit down and consider my goals and options, I have a feeling that I wont return to Crossfit as I feel its just too taxing on my body and my ability to perform many of the exercises was well dismal to be honest and left me feeling defeated so think I will go back to focusing on strength but with the added cardio element because I have a desire to be able to run my local lake.... I am also not sure if I will look at competing in bodybuilding next year or if I will focus on something else, I really want to get back into self-defence and get my kiddies involved to and with a more relaxed training schedule my body will be able to cope (when I was doing CrossFit my DOMS were so bad I had to give up self-defence) I also want to take the time to study yoga, I have been using yoga to help my back pain and maintain my flexibility during pregnancy so would love to learn more.

I want to take the time to also thank my friends, family and man for supporting me and keeping me on track through out my pregnancy, I was feeling rather outta the loop during the beginning but thanks to your wonderful support and motivation I have been able to keep going and all with a smile on my face and I know that once bubs is born I will have the exact same support and be able to smoothly transition into my routine :) Thanks heaps guys I love you lots X

Well I best bugger off and go pick up my kiddies, one more day left of school holidays then its back to business hehe

Keep smiling and train HARD peeps X

Friday, May 10, 2013

28 weeks and the beginning of a new me

Just under 12 weeks till I get to hold my baby in my arms :)

So what better way to pass the time then start a 12 week challenge, so I have signed up to the Michelle Bridges 12 Week Body Transformation (12WBT) I wrote a post about how I felt I was alone and didn't have support so I researched some online programs that would give me that support in the comfort of my own home and the 12WBT seemed to offer me exactly what I was looking for, help with meals and help with pregnancy safe exercise.

The 12WBT offers, daily meal plans, weekly menus and weekly shopping list, there are also options to change meals but I have to say I was very impressed by the variety and ease of each meal in my first weeks menu. I am on higher calories due to being pregnant and this also alters the exercises I can do but doesn't limit me by much which I am really happy about, the exercises are more common sense based and about listening to my body so this makes choosing exercises will be easy and also fun because I can mix it up between the gym and home workouts, which means its super flexible too just like the meals because they are things that I can easily make up at home and then take with me and they look super yumi so no one will be giving me weird looks when I pull out my lunch box hehe.

I have never really been one for online personal training and I am not really a biggest loser fan, I was always under the impression that unless I had someone kicking my butt in person lol but I have also realised that with all the hard work I have done in the past year has set me up so well, not only have I been able to work through the usual aches and pains of pregnancy but also a pinched nerve, I have been able to change things so that I can continue to workout even as my tummy grows. My food has been somewhat good and bad but I lack consistency and as we know consistency is the key to long term changes, even though I am not aiming to lose weight I am aiming to bring back the routine of clean eating like I had before becoming pregnant. Online does give you accountability which is what I am looking for along with support, I do think though you need to be really committed to stick with the program although that's the same with face to face training.

I had my first weigh and measure up... I was gutted to see the scales go up and even though its part of being pregnant its hard to see especially after all the hard work I have put in but the measurements didn't reflect the gains on the scale which made me do a little happy dance (and bubs too hehe) I am 28 weeks and 2 days and the only gains in measurements are my hips and waist and they are only small gains because I am still wearing pre-pregnancy clothing. I am so excited I am nearly at the end and yet I am still really active the only real issue is lack of sleep which does make me a little grumpy but I am still highly motivated and pumped :)

Monday it all begins, I am so excited !!!!

Keep smiling and train HARD peeps X

Friday, April 26, 2013

School goes back and I get boring hehe

With the return of school comes the return of routine, makes me feel a little boring lol

So I am back to water aerobics 4 times a week, 2 sessions are normal water aerobics with this spunky instructor who has a body to admire! She is the pump class instructor to so I plan on hitting her class once bubs is born and I have recovered. The other 2 sessions are for expecting mums which is run by 2 lovely physiotherapists who have helped me to fix most of my aches and pains! The only thing is that the mums are more focused on gas bagging then they are exercising so I tend to stick to myself because I want to get the most out of the class.

My eating has still been all over the place, no weird food cravings or binge eating just eating is not timed nor is it my usual clean eating.... I hate to admit it but McDonald's has crept in when I have been stressed and I am not too happy about that but after chatting to Leisa I decided to do some research on a program that she has used and swears by because it showed her how to eat properly and the results speak for themselves as she looks STUNNING.... no more excuses of being too tired and the step by step menu with recipes will help remove any other excuses such as I dont know what to eat! So I went and joined up to Michelle Bridges 12 week body transformation, the program not only helps me with meals but also helps to make me accountable which is something I have been missing now that I am on my own. So in 17 days I embark on my new program that is suited to me and baby on board :)

So the 12 weeks program will last me till a week before baby is due, this first 12 weeks will set me up for a healthy 3rd trimester and fingers crossed a good labor (if there is such a thing hehe) I will then redo another 12 week pregnancy program after bubs is born because I need to recover and heal. Hopefully after a full recovery and relaxin leaves my system I should be fighting fit and ready to get back onto the journey of the stage :)

I am so excited with my plans so far, I also feel confident that I have the support at home to help push me when I need it!

So bump update, I had my horrid glucose test done and the results have come back perfect so no need to worry about digestinal diabetes phew! I also have really high vitamin D levels which for a Ballarat resident is odd (always cold here, well so they say) my blood count came back low and my blood pressure is very low 102 over 68 so they are keeping an eye on me, luckily my only symptoms of low blood pressure is feeling fatigued and the odd headache but otherwise I am feeling fighting fit :) My back pain is under control which is awesome because at one stage I could barely walk but now I am able to get jobs done in the morning and by afternoon I have to rest up with ice packs and heat packs but its also a great time for baby to stretch out and practise their punching and kicking techniques, usually on my bladder hehe so with only 13.5 weeks to go I am going to make sure I get to enjoy every minute :)

Anyway time for me to head off and make dinner....

Keep smiling and train HARD peeps X

Saturday, April 13, 2013

The end is near.....

The end of the school holidays that is :)

So tomorrow its back to reality, back to routine and back to having quality training/meal times.....Which I must say excites me! I feel out of control every time school holidays kick round, you think I would learn and come up with ways to prevent it from happening. especially beings school holidays are so often.... But alas its one last habit (bad habit) that I need to overcome!

I have also felt rather out of control with food since giving up Anytime fitness and Perfit Crossfit, no longer having a coach to watch over me leaves me feeling alone. I have not been tracking food intake or exercise which leads me to the feeling of being out of control so to fix this is simple! Start tracking my food intake and training and take back control for MYSELF!

I have been so worried about getting fat, I have been struggling with my inner fat chick since finding out I am preggy! I am still wearing the same size clothing I was wearing before getting preggy so this in itself is something to celebrate, but yet I can't help but look at my tummy and think I am fat..... This is not how I want to be as I want to really enjoy my pregnancy because this is my second chance! SO I am going to take my measurements and compare it to my measurements prior to my pregnancy, I reckon its going to help put my mind at ease... Some days I look in the mirror and I think to myself gee my legs are looking good and my arms are looking skinnier so lets focus on these positives and reject those negative thoughts!

So as mentioned I feel rather alone, I am not miserable with this loneliness because in reality I am not alone I have my fantastic man that is super supportive but well he's a guy :P Also I panic that I am going to annoy the poor thing with my constant whinging, I also don't want to come across as hmmmm weak (can't think of a better word) I need to find some one that can help give me advice and support concerning training and diet during the rest of my pregnancy, I was thinking perhaps there might be something online??? So going to look into that this week :)

So apart from being hormonal and pathetic right now everything is going along nicely baby has a nice strong heart beat and the ultra sound shows one very active baby that's growing fast! Tomorrow I'll take myself off to get the glucose test yuckie wish me luck as I am not a fan of needles (yes silly to hear coming from a girl that loves tattoos and body piercings) but I comfort myself  with the thought of there being only a little over 15 weeks to go..... I am on the home stretch :)

Well time for me to run, I have school uniforms to lay out and school bags to pack....yippee school tomorrow hehe

Keep smiling and train HARD peeps X

Thursday, April 11, 2013

Time flies when your having fun!

Boy oh boy how time has flown by since the beginning of the school holidays!

Time to sit back with a coffee (long black of course) and update you all on my progress and school holiday fun :)

So how was your Easter? Mine was lovely and quiet, a small family get together on the Sunday after the Easter bunny had visited and left what could only be described as a huge haul of chocolate eggs for the family to hunt down...I think the Easter bunny has grown cheeky as there were eggs in some very high and odd places hehe. I enjoyed a yumi hot cross bun with loads of real butter on mmmm my waistline wasn't impressed but my tummy was rather satisfied hehe. For me I am not a big chocolate fan but the Easter bunny did leave me one of my all time fave red tulip chocolate rabbits :)

Even though school holidays are in full swing I have managed to stick to my training, I have really been enjoying water aerobics especially when my mummy joins me :) I have been over coming a bout of flu which knocked me about, so this week I have been busy catching up on housework and my social life as I hate going out when I am germy.

I have been slack however when it comes to my tracking of my nutrition, I think now that I am going it alone I have lost focus when it comes to what to eat.... With that said I haven't gone off the wagon and been eating everything in sight, I just don't have routine... Which on school holidays is the typical thing that happens, but if I can manage to keep up my training schedule then I can do the same with my nutrition! So back to the drawing board.

As for my back, it is on the improve thanks to my boy giving me regular massages and my yoga sessions at home have helped me to reduce the pain :) I have however been over doing it around the house catching up on chores that should of been done months ago which has found me very stiff and sore but its been worth it as I finally have my entertaining area's looking fabulous and my house is back up to my standards of clean along with the washing basket can now be seen as its no longer covered with piles of washing hehe

Time to share some personal news with all my fans, my man and I are expecting :) Yep I am pregnant!!! Baby is due to arrive July 31st so excited, I cannot wait to meet our little miracle :)
So this news explains ALOT hehe my moodiness, my lack of energy and the state of my poor back... But this news makes all that stuff just stuff hehe and has now lead me to make new goals of making this pregnancy enjoyable and healthy! My first two pregnancies were horrid to say the least but this time round I can honestly say I am loving, in fact I sometimes forget I am preggy because I feel so good :) I think losing weight and getting fit along with being happy have set me up for a healthy pregnancy and this is why even though I have had to change my way of training I am still able to train and I have also managed not to gain to much extra weight, I am still currently wearing my normal clothing :)

So things will be heating up for me, with uni going back soon and keeping up with my growing family and household needs I will need to put my organisational skills to full use! Which I have to admit I am really excited to do, I never thought I would get another chance to be a mum let alone fall in love again and its taken me so long to get to this awesome place in life so I am going to grab hold of it with both hands and make every minute count :)

I could go on for ages but I must be off, my kiddies helped me do the morning chores so I thought a trip to the park would be a nice reward for their help.

Keep smiling and train HARD peeps X

Tuesday, March 26, 2013

The school holidays are here......

Baton down the hatches the kiddies are home for 2 whole weeks!!!!

So what is this mummy going to do to entertain the sprouts..... Hard labor, chores and endless gardening hehe.... Yeah yeah that wont work :P

My man is going to organise a camping trip for us and hopefully we get to take our hound with us as the park is becoming a dog friendly park but just not sure if that's happened yet, the kiddies have no idea so they will be totally surprised, they loved camping last time they rode their bikes morning noon and night it was fantastically quiet :)

I still plan to keep up with my water aerobics classes but I wont do my laps so much because I really want to enjoy spending time with my little family, it's one thing I realised lately and that was that I was so consumed by my weight loss journey/training that nothing else seemed to get a look in, so this is going to change, especially over the school holidays! This doesn't mean that I am not still driven and determined to finish what I started, oh no.....just means that I am going to try and find balance between my goals and the rest of my lifestyle.

I plan on going back to uni and finishing off my double degree when uni goes back after Easter and also going to start dog training with my gorgeous hound, I plan on getting her into agility or fly ball after basic training as I think it will be awesome for her to be able to socialise and have fun at the same time and will also make a great hobby for me and my kiddies will be able to join in too.

I am so taken by my hounds energy, her goofy antics and her general love for life! Since my back pain started I have been spending more and more time at home with her and have truly come to enjoy being around her, sounds silly but I never really appreciated her like I do now. She is a staghound cross greyhound and has the most friendliest and gentlest nature, she is super smart and quick to learn. I took her for a walk yesterday at Vic park and these two big doggies came out of nowhere and ran up to us, Josie stood right in front of me blocking them from me, protecting me :) She didn't bark nor were her hackles raised, she greeted them and when she felt it was OK her ears pricked up and her tail started to wag 100 mile an hour hehe, but she still wouldn't let them near me, I was so surprised and proud of my little hound! I never in a million years thought that a staghound would be my doggy of choice but boy oh boy I am so glad I have her in my life and when we buy our own house we will be getting Josie a play mate, I think she misses her pack mates and I know I will love to watch her and her buddy play like goofballs :)

Also since starting at the YMCA I have decided to get Wil into gymnastics, he has a flare for climbing and flipping and doing crazy stuff yet making it look easy so stay tuned for his progress and pics :) As for Jazzy she is unsure what she would like to do, she wanted to do tennis but now not too sure, she is my little book worm loves to read and draw hmmm I will have to put my thinking cap on :)

Being a mum really rocks, watching these little people grow into big people is something that words really cannot describe! I am so lucky :)

These school holidays are going to be the best!

Keep smiling and train HARD peeps X

Sunday, March 24, 2013

Catching up

Wow I have been slack, I forgot to post the FitX post and totally haven't updated my training life... So here goes :)

Well after FitX I made a few decisions, I have put on hold my crossfit and anytime fitness memberships and taken up a membership at the YMCA. I am not really a huge fan of the YMCA they messed my man around to the point that he cancelled his membership, they took issue with the way he liked to train, don't think its a very bodybuilder friendly gym but its the only place in town that has a swimming pool and right now swimming is the only way I can train.

So last week I joined up so was able to swim every day, I have noticed some great changes in my ability to swim both improving on my technique but also my lap time! I am liking my new found cardio abilities, my fitness really does feel its on the improve something I really didn't think would happen. I will admit when I pinched my nerve I wasn't the most positive of people when the Dr said that swimming was my only choice of exercise, but I have stuck it out and I am so glad I did :)

Nutrition wise I am feeling that I am eating about 80% on track for metabolic precision, I am eating a variety of yumi healthy foods and the occasional naughty but oh so yumi foods. I have found that if I just focus on eating whole foods and taking out all the processed stuff, I stay on track without it being a chore or complicated. I found a while back that when I was hardcore 'dieting' and I say that because it certainly wasn't a nutrition plan that I could maintain for the rest of my life.... I found that I was consumed by it that I was always thinking about food but this time round I am not, its so much easier!

As for my pinched nerve it is on the improve, lots of massage's, soaking in  Epsom salt baths, yoga and swimming have really helped and I am now able to walk without too much pain and I walk less like a duck hehe. I am now able to take my hound for short walks and take my kiddies to the park which is something I have really missed and if I am totally honest I am a much nicer person now that I am not in pain I am not miserable.

 My tummy is growling so time for me to eat....

Keep smiling and train HARD peeps X

FitX wrap up.

I so want to curl back up in bed and sleep the day away.... But alas public holidays mean no sleep ins for this mummy! But that's OK cause we are just curled up on the couch watching dvd's, I love just vegging out with my kiddies :)

So the weekend was OFF THE HOOK!! Super busy, saw people in real life that I only knew from facey so it was amazing (people are way taller in real life lol) got see some amazing demonstrations and watch people compete in their chosen sports. I loved the MMA, strongman and also the crossfit it was so inspiring and made me realise how much I miss lifting heavy and crossfit classes. I didn't get to see any of the bodybuilding comps which was disappointing but there way too many people standing up and with the way my back is that just wasn't an option plus I swear it was all the giant people standing up the back, I felt super short lol

I got to catch up with the AWA family and the Viking crew, I got to see alot of fit sexy women. I didn't feel as fat or out of place as I thought I would which was nice, I really did girl it on that one lol
Oh and I learnt a bit about protein, I found a great vegan protein that is made of rice and pea protein... it's not exactly the tastiest because its very chickpea tasting which will take some getting used to but it is way better on my digestion system, I got to talk to this lovely very athletic looking lady who really knew her stuff and had the flattest tummy ever and yet has had 3 kiddies!!! See there is hope for me yet :) So this is the protein that I am going to change to, its by Bioflex is totally vegan (I still love my meat but whey protein is to concentrated for me right now) I also loved that Derrimut gym was there selling awesome food, talk about easy to eat clean when its right at your finger tips :)

We also got to stay in a lovely hotel that was just a short walk away from FitX, I slept like a baby and then ate like a king at the buffet breakfast, but wow my tummy has shrunk all that awesome food and I could only eat my usual of eggs, tomato, mushrooms and a little bacon but it was yumi :)

So now that I am home I get to recover from my amazingly fun and very busy weekend :)

Thursday, March 7, 2013

Girling it....

Its one of those I hate being a girl days, I am totally girling it...over thinking it!

I have a super exciting secret that I have been keeping but not sure I can hold it in much longer???

In other news, just one more sleep till FitX... I'm excited but also nervous and feeling some what that I don't belong...see girling it AGAIN.... I am just not feeling my usual confident self, the inner fat chick is stomping her foot and I its shaking me!

Well I better get packing, or I will never be ready in time lol

Keep smiling and train HARD peeps X

I am now going to go shout at my inner fat chick and tell her to shut the F#$%K up

Sunday, March 3, 2013

Week 4 begins!

Good afternoon my lovelies :)

As I enter week 4 its time to consolidate what I have learnt and tighten up my meal timing. I am really happy about where I am at, I am making better food choices and getting most meals in, just that I have been a little late in having some of my meals and I find that Sunday I am slipping a little so time to tighten that up :)

I have been swimming like a fish and getting stronger each time, yoga has really been helping my back too. Although I don't get the rush from swimming like I do Crossfit I am happy to be active and giving it my best :)

I have had to put my Crossfit membership on hold while I fix my sciatic and I think I will do the same with my Anytime fitness membership too because I am now restricted to just swimming and yoga and some days even they are tough :( But staying positive is the key to being healthy!!!
So swimming and yoga it is, oh and I am going to give my friends Pilates class a go too :)

So the weekend for me was spent mostly watching the Arnold's, which is a bodybuilding competition that brings international talent to one stage, there are many divisions for females to compete in and I found it very inspirational to watch although I am still unsure if competing is for me??? I became unsure towards the end of last year, it was a stressful year but also I was just not feeling the drive for it, I had kinda lost interest in all things fitness and sort of just went through the motion.... Even though I am still unsure about competing I really did love watching the Arnold's and decided on the divisions that I would personally not aim for if I did grace the stage.
I wasn't impressed with the bikini division the girls just seemed skinny with big fake boobs (Just my opinion don't chew me out) I also wasn't impressed with the figure division they seemed all upper body and no legs and some looked sickly thin (even more so than the bikini girls) There was no physic division this year only fitness which I rather enjoyed watching their routines (2 minutes of aerobic strength action) followed by the bodybuilding division which in all honesty I had trouble finding a feminine looking women and some I seriously questioned their gender! Out of all the divisions I liked the look of the fitness girls but can't see me pulling of such a gymnastic almost dance like routine but hey who knows what I will be able to pull off when I am finally at my goal :)

So as you can tell I am still totally confused about the whole bodybuilding stage but hey I am a girl ;) I also know that when I do decide I am ready I will be in top physical condition!

The other thing that I have been thinking about is cosmetic surgery, just a passing thought as it seems that all the girls on stage seem to have fake boobs and in some cases it seems a competition between who has the biggest set! Its got me wondering if I am going to make it in the industry with natural boobs or will I need to consider getting boobs??? I know its a long way off but these things need to be thought about in depth can't just run into these things.....

In other news it is only 5 more sleeps till I head down to FitX with the boy, the whole weekend immersed in fitness I am excited :)

Right well it is time for me to eat soon so I better go get it outta the fridge and heat it up, mmmm so hungry lol sounds silly since I ate like 3 hours ago :P

Keep smiling and train HARD peeps X

Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Eat a bag of concrete and....

Harden the fudge up!

Be warned a whinge is awaiting you in this post and if you don't like it..TOUGH :P

So this week has definitely been better, I am working hard not to be miserable and work through the pain with a more positive attitude, I am still walking like a duck and pulling weird faces when I stand up but hey I have pulled off swimming and yoga so far this week :)

I have found a new friendship in a hockey ball and have been using it nightly along with yoga to work out my aches and pains! My trainer James showed me these stretching techniques ages ago but I didn't feel I needed them until now and they are the bomb, I may look like a complete fool while practising them but in the comfort of my own home its all good :)

I have also started to appreciate swimming more, and today purchased myself some goggles so I can get more serious about it :) I went swimming with my friend Em on Monday and we swam for an hour and totally didn't even notice the time!

MP is rocketing on, in middle of week 3 and feeling really good...Focusing on timing this week, my metabolic window is something I need to use to its full especially as my exercise is so limited, I am getting better and better each day so by the end of this week I reckon it will be mastered :)

Now onto my whinge....

People bagging out other people for having an opinion is the whinge topic. FaceBook, Blogger, the web in general is a place for people to speak their minds and post as they please, if you don't like it just stop reading and move along.... I have personally had negative comments left on my Fb posts, mostly on pic's of the females that I find motivating and attractive in the bodybuilding world, I find that these pic's keep me going in times when all I want to do is stop! SO why would you go leaving negative thoughts on them, what benefit is that to me or to others that are trying to achieve something big! I think people leave negative shit on peoples posts because they are afraid to admit that they too want to achieve something big but don't have the balls to commit to it! People should think before they leave comments or make judgements, just think to yourself how would you feel if someone said that to you?

Whinge over hehe

Time for me to go feed the hound before she chews through the glass door :)

Keep smiling and train HARD peeps X

p.s No matter what you want in life just go for it screw what other people think, you can do whatever you put your mind too :) 

Sunday, February 24, 2013

Week 2 wrap up.

This week has been a bit more successful than last week, I am still not consuming 6 meals a day but 3 days this week I did achieve 5 meals all MP so very happy about that, I am still not happy with my workouts as I only managed to use 7 points in total which is OK but its not my best.

I have been feeling really miserable this week! Today I decided I had enough, I am tired of being miserable with this damn back pain :( But I realised in the end not only am I making myself miserable but I am also most likely making every one around me feel miserable, which yup makes me feel even more miserable cause I hate the thought of causing the people in my life to feel negative as I have worked super hard to get all the negative people out of my life.... So as you can guess its a roller coaster thus today I decided enough was enough and I need to get help! So this week I am going to swim 3 times, do yoga 4 nights and also seek professional help from a chiro and also a remedial masseur, then hopefully happy bubbly Em will be back in full swing :)

I did however manage to enjoy most parts of my weekend, caught up with family (helped out with some family stuff too) I was taken to the circus and then a lovely dinner out at this awesome burger place on sturt st before I caught up on working a groove into my leather couch :D Gotta love weekends like this!
Then this morning after a sleep in (that didn't last long cause the hound was hungry lol) I was taken out to brekky, OMG bacon and eggs I have missed you hehe... Then I went out to spotlight to see if I could find some material for my skirt but nothing took my fancy so left it, might go to lincraft tomorrow because I really need to get started on this skirt so i can then make one for my sis and daughter ready for the JailHouse rock festival at Ararat..... Then it was road trip time to pick my kiddies up from Melbourne, the rest is a blurrrrrrr.... So happy to be home!

Well time for me to hit the sack, I am going to go swimming early :)

Keep smiling and train HARD peeps X

Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Bring on a lazy weekend!

I have been totally run off me feet this week, I have barely had time to scratch myself!

But it's been very productive, I am now registered with a job network agency and sent in my resume today and I am also signed up to start uni in May which I am really excited about. With the goal of owning my own home by the end of this year ringing in my mind I am totally pumped :)

I bought a 2013 diary so that I can be more organised and have everything planned out and in black and white so I don't forget a thing (or make any excuses) I have made time to go swimming and also down time to do some sewing so I have balanced out my day's nicely (even included housework yikes) feeling really confident in my planning, Metabolic Precision has the motto of being prepared and so I have applied this not only to meals and training but also everything else in life :)

SO from the positive onto the whinge lol

Please ignore my ranting but UGH so frustrated that my training has been reduced from Crossfit to swimming laps at the local Y, to say that I am not satisfied is an understatement! Just thinking about it makes me sad and angry all at once.... My sciatic nerve is pinched in my lower back and this is causing pain to radiate from my lower back all the way down my left butt cheek and to my thigh (sorry for the mental image hehe) so laying down, standing up, walking or jogging are very painful at best.... I'm feeling like an utter fat lazy bum! Went to the Doctors and all he said was what are you going to do about it, I said well I was thinking either a chiropractor or physio or remedial massage....waiting for his opinion on what he thought best and all I got was they are good idea's BLA not impressed... I have been doing yoga which has helped but its benefits a short same with massage has been of benefit but again not long lasting so back to the drawing board I am going to try chiro next. I never realised that my training was doing more than just the physical stuff, training for me was also my way of burning off stress, grumpy moods and also my way of feeling energized after a long day!

Back to the positive stuff :)

Metabolic Precision is in full swing, loving the food and the organisation. I am all set to do a mid week cook up tonight and have a pot roast, beef stirfry and Mexican mince on the menu mmmm makes me hungry just thinking about it! This morning I tried a new 3 minute omelet, with feta and asparagus and wow it was yumi I ate the whole lot hehe! I am also loving liquid meals great for when I am in a rush to get out the door or when I have more time a yumi treat :)
I am finding it easy to resist foods because I am more at home then out and because I have purged and pillaged my fridge/freezer and cupboards my home is my safe zone! So I have been sugar free, packet food free for 2 weeks and loving it, I haven't had many cravings and when I have felt like giving in I put on my thinking cap and come up with MP friendly, like I got to eat a whole pizza outside my metabolic window because I made the base out of cauliflower :O yup I was shocked too but it tasted amazing! Its so true your only limited when you don't get creative with your food.

All this talk of food has made me hungry...I am off to make dinner :)

Keep smiling and train HARD peeps X

Saturday, February 16, 2013

Weekend wrap up :)

Although its been stinking hot, I have managed to enjoy a very well hydrated weekend. Saturday saw me twisting and turning my way through the rockabilly festival and sparking my love for sewing while Sunday has seen me donning the chef hat and cooking up a storm with whatever is left over in the fridge.
I got to watch some awesome couples carve it up on the dance floor while the smell of beer filled the air along with the sounds of the awesome bands ringed in my ears, the atmosphere was just awesome, everyone was so friendly that it just kept me smiling all afternoon! We then moved down to see all the sexy shiny cars, hot rods and Chevy beasts everywhere, I fell in love with a hot pink hot rod but sadly wasn't allowed to take it for a spin hehe. So I trundled off to find something that I could play with hehe and that lead me to lots and lots of 50's fashion and boy oh boy was I drooling!
I really felt in my element, did wish that I could of dressed up some more but wardrobe is limited at present, but then I had an idea of why don't I find a pattern and start making my own dresses, there are heaps of lovely fabrics out there and I have a brand new sewing machine that is sitting in the cupboard laying to waste.... So guess what as soon as I got home I found my sewing machine and some lovely off cuts of material so set to making an apron for my sister, been ages since I have sewn so thought lets practise...Its like riding a bike you never forget how hehe :) So tomorrow I am off to spotlight to gather some material and patterns!
So as you can gather I didn't get much domestic work done on Saturday hehe, so Sunday is shopping and cooking along with a bit of cleaning.... I so should get a T-shirt printed up that's says domestic goddess hehe.... So cupcakes have just come out of the oven and next it is onto making a nice soup from all the left over veggies and then make a casserole out of the pickled pork that I have cooked up in the slow cooker then that will be tomorrows lunch and dinner all set :) I clean as I cook so that helps to minimise the clean up afterwards which is great cause by the time that last meal is finished I know I will be buggered and want nothing more than to sit down with a herbal tea!
Today also marks the end of week 1 of Metabolic Precision, I am feeling confident that I have done well but I know I can do better :) I averaged to be eating 4 metabolically precise meals a day along with 2 liters of water, lots of herbal teas and each day I was eating a rainbow so that's bloody good but following MP means eating 6 MP meals a day which I was just not managing, I was finding that due to the heat and lack of exercise that I have been able to do my appetite was just not there, so week 2 I am going to try adding more cold foods into my eating, so cold chicken with salad and even some good old smoked salmon and salad, I am also going to get more creative with adding natural protein whey into my soups instead of having veg soup and a protein shake (which right now is chocolate and it doesn't really taste good chasing it down after veg soup).  So I now have a game plan for week 2 so feel confident that I will do even better! 
Right well time for me to dive into my fridge, get rid of all the science projects and make something yummi out of the left overs :)
Keep smiling and train HARD peeps X 

Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Today I totally hate being a girl...

Why you ask?

Because being a girl is a lot of hard work, seriously you boys get off easy! I was so totally revved up to go swimming but then I realised I had to shave my legs and underarms and.... You get the drift :P and I totally lost motivation because I had so much on for today. Poor excuse for not going for a swim I know.... I think also that my heart just isn't in it, swimming for me was something I did when I was to ashamed to hit the gym and I guess I still have that kind of thinking welded in my head.

I did however manage to prep dinner and whip up an epic Mexican afternoon snack for my family which went down well and also cut up all my veggies and fruit ready for use. I also have a lovely lean piece of pork ready to pop into my slow cooker for tomorrow nights dinner, now to just get the chicken out of the freezer ready to cook up tomorrow morning for my chicken salad lunch. So as you can read, Metabolic precision is in full swing :)

So I am wrapping up day 3 of MP and I am feeling fantastic, I may be suffering bad back pain but the feeling of being in control with my eating makes me smile! Eating for me has always been my sticking point, food was always a comfort I craved the taste of something so I would just give in and have it bugger the consequences to my health.... But now I crave something that's better than any taste and that's my health! And I know that MP can give me the health that I am looking for :)

MP talks about habits undoing all best intentions and its so true, I never really realised how my habits were me, they were so ingrained in me that they controlled me but you know what that's gonna stop I am going to replace my habits with new healthy ones, each day that I succeed to eat healthy is a day away from the old habits and the old me and 3 days away I can already feel the difference.

SO apart from me being lazy about being a girl life rocks hehe (yeah yeah I am going to the bathroom now gee tough crowd hehe)

Keep smiling and train HARD peeps X

Here is a pic of where I am at right now (Side view):

Sunday, February 10, 2013

Pinched nerve and all things MP....

Today is day 1 of Metabolic Precision, there is a challenge through MP itself but also through Perfit (My second home) but I am not taking part in either, this is just purely for me to get back onto the MP wagon. Although I never totally fell off MP I hadn't been following it properly so I thought no time like the present to start, so I have printed off my accountability sheets and making sure I fill them in as soon as I sit down to eat instead of waiting till the end of the night like I used.

I started my day off with a nice chest workout at my gym so that's 3 points towards my weekly exercise allowance, I have eaten a rainbow today and stayed away from temptations :)

Amongst all this positivity is some massive frustrations, I have pinched the sciatic nerve in my lower back which is creating large amounts of pain that radiate down my left leg which of course affects my training. I have managed to push through at times but today I was chocking back the tears as it didn't seem to matter what way I sat or laid down it hurt so no matter how much I tweaked my program I had a tough time. I did manage to give it all I had for 30 minutes so that is a bonus but I cant help but feel negative when I know I can do a hell of a lot better :(

I have been managing to get to crossfit but due to my back I am very limited so seem to only make it once a week which really isn't making the most of unlimited access, so I am thinking I may need to make the hard decision to put my membership on hold for a bit... Another sad face :(

So if I cannot gym and I cannot crossfit what will I do? Well all in not lost as I can head to my local YMCA and go swimming, although the idea does not thrill me it is a good option as it will help take stress off my pinched nerve.

In other news.....
My house is clean and my mountain of washing has reduced to a small hill :)

Oh gosh I just realised I am boring, I have no other news hehe

Time for me to head off and make dinner, homemade sweet potato chips and homemade chicken nuggets.

Keep smiling and train HARD peeps X

Saturday, February 2, 2013

Busy day....

Although it is a Saturday I have been busily preparing for the coming week, with my kiddies back at school I am in full swing (YAY normal routine coming my way) so I thought lets kick off with a perfect start by getting my housework all upto date and get my MP meals prepared.

I also took the time to clean out and rearrange my kitchen pantry, purged it of all the nasties that crept in and then filled it back up with wholesome MP foods :) I finished off my kitchen makeover by giving the floor a good scrub now my whole kitchen sparkles!

I have also cleaned out my lounge room to make plenty of room for me to stretch and do yoga.... The only down side to all this cleaning out is the rubbish, my poor bin is over flowing and I still have a heap of rubbish by the front door hehe

I haven't been to the gym or crossfit as much as I would like this week, due to detoxing I have had headaches (think that was due to giving up coffee more than anything) and I have also got a pinch nerve that is cause me pain that travels from my lower back into my left butt cheeck talk about a pain in the ass hehe but I have been keeping active around the house plus while detoxing its a good idea not to train too hard because the toxins that are being released can make recovery time after heavy training longer and make you feel nauseous.

Speaking of detoxing... Day 4 saw me feeling utterly miserable, no sugar coating it I fell off the detoxing wagon and I know it was because my will power to avoid what was in my house was at an all time low (thus the big clear out today) So due to my demise I have decided to start my MP eating now, no point waiting till Monday, a new day is a new day :)
So tomorrow morning I will take measurements and photos, plan out my meals because the metabolic window can be tricky to work around if your not prepared and I need to also make sure that my training works in with my MP nutrition lots to organised but once it becomes routine it is super simple :)

Lets talk a minute about preparation, it seems that people are now realising the benefit of exercise which is AWESOME but they still fail to see the importance of nutrition and the fact that you need to eat MORE..... I like to eat every 3 hours, I have reminders in my mobile that set off an alarm when its time to eat, I eat about 6 times a day (when I am on plan) this takes alot of pre-planning and preparation such as each weekend I set aside time to do my shopping and cook up and on a Wednesday I do the same thing set aside time to shop and cook..... When I tell people this they wrinkle their noses and tell me this or that for an excuse and all I can think to say is that if you want something bad enough you will do WHATEVER it takes! It also doesnt matter how many times you fall off the wagon its about how many times you get back on!

So if you want to create the best body you can create then you gotta put in the hard work, prepare your meals, prepare a timetable that sets aside time for meals/training/cooking and don't let anyone tell you what your doing is madness just know within you that you are doing what is best for you :)

Now get out there and do it!!!!!

Keep smiling and train HARD peeps X

Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Day 4 of detox

Lets just say ITS HORRIBLE.....

My head feels like it is going to explode!

Its funny as I thought I hadn't really done alot of damage to my diet because I only allowed a little bit of junk food into my diet, but in reality I have no idea how much I really allowed in because I wasn't tracking it and as much as I would like to think I have good judgment we all know that's a load of ummmm dodo hehe

So lets talk the ugly truth, I allowed foods such as salt and vinegar chips, natural confectionery lollies, McDonald's and pizza OMG they tasted so good at the time but oh boy did they mentally f#$ck with me after, I would feel guilty because I knew that these foods weren't going to get me to where I wanted and that I was having them too often to class them as a flexible meal. Some people might think I am being to hard on myself or too rigid but the truth of the matter is that what you put into your body shapes your body and no amount of exercise or supplementation will change that, yes the occasional cheat meal is fine and yes you should allow yourself that time to enjoy it but if your having them too often then in the end all you are doing is cheating yourself!

Today has been a right shit day but out of it I have learnt that the way I have been eating is detrimental to my health and not only has it affected my waistline but also my energy levels and my level of tolerance to stress. But out of the negative comes the positive, with only 3 days left of this detoxing faze I realise just how important a healthy nutrient dense diet is and how its a life long endeavor not just a 12 week program!

So the next 3 days I am going to spend in my kitchen cooking up a storm, stocking up the cupboard and freezer with Metabolically Precise meals and snacks and making sure that there are no hidden nasties. I am so lucky that my kiddies also love MP so they have MP filled lunch boxes which makes me feel like a super mummy hehe although I do allow them carbs throughout the day where as I am limited to high carb foods in my metabolic window.

Anyway I best get my butt moving, a good sweat session and hot shower will help me to get rid of these headache making toxins :)

Keep smiling and train HARD peeps X

Monday, January 28, 2013

The end is insight...

For school holidays that is :)

I have really loved having my kiddies all to myself for the holidays but I am really looking forward to getting back into my usual routine! I don't know why but for some reason school holidays just throw my routine totally out, no excuses either because my kiddies have been pretty well behaved and we have been kept busy even went camping to finish off the holidays on a high note :)
With Easter holidays fast approaching (I know I know they only go back on Friday and already I am thinking about the next holidays, please don't hate me hehe) I thought I better plan ahead so that I don't undo all my hard work leading up to the holidays. So I will be planning meals and baking up a storm, no more convenience foods or junk in the school holidays and I will make sure to time activities around eating, this holidays I allowed myself to get to the point of starving which is not healthy at all and that then lead me to find 'quick' meal options which of course where not clean at all so I will be coming up with ways to combat this for the next round of holidays so that I can come out on fine form instead of feeling tired and sluggish like I have been this holidays.

Yesterday (Monday) I started a detox program, now before you go thinking that I am leaving myself hungry or depriving myself  listen up..... My detox program (my little creation) is very simple, I have cut out sugar (except for fruit), fatty foods, fast foods and all processed foods. I am eating loads of veggies the more colourful the better, a few pieces of a fruit, lean cuts of meat and fish, for the first week I am also cutting out dairy, I am also enjoying a veggie juice that I make with ginger and lemon to help the cleansing process.
I class this as a detox because in my opinion my body has been dragged down with dirty eating so take those dirty foods away and replace them with vitamin pack nutrient dense foods and my body will expel all those nasties. I have to admit its fast working too, boy I am farty hehe.... Oh and also I am drinking loads of water and herbal teas so therefore I am peeing ALOT but the upside is my skin is more moist, I also woke up this morning early and feeling totally revived and ready to get going even with my DOMS.

So along with my detox I have also taken up yoga and soon swimming on top of my workout routine of Crossfit.... Yep I couldnt stay away :) I am back at Perfit Crossfit Ballarat, they have been really wonderful and help scale back the workouts to fit me, so I go twice to three times a week along with still walking my hound (and kiddies lol)

At the end of the week I will take my weight and measurements and start tracking my progress more closely as I have been very slack at recording my journey, so pic's and measurements along with keeping a food diary will start as of next Monday. I also have to come up with some goals because right now I have no aim, which also hasn't helped when it comes to eating and training no excuse but I feel I am lacking direction so that too will be changed :)

So stay tuned, I will be posting daily reports on meals and training as on Monday.

Time for me to get dinner started....

Keep smiling and train HARD peeps X

Sunday, January 6, 2013

School holiday mayhem....

I have seriously been trying to write a post for the past week but I have found it almost impossible while my kiddies are home on holidays, makes me really appreciate the time I have when they are at school!

SO the new year is here, almost one week into and how are you feeling?

I started my year off with a doctors appointment, I am now under strict orders not train like I normally would and as you can imagine it sent me into a tail spin, just the thought of not being able to do crossfit made me want to cry..... I have been given the all clear to jog, walk, swim and do yoga. So not quite the start I was looking for but in saying that Josie my stag hound is loving mummies new exercise routine :) So too are my kiddies because they join me on their scooters.

To begin with I was mortified and terrified by the prospects of 'getting fat' but now that I have had time for it to sink in I am thinking this is a great way to start my new year, I can focus on getting back into a proper routine where I exercise in the morning and while my kiddies are on holidays they too can join me, which is helping them in so many ways, they used to be so lolly orientated but now they are more for fruit and water they also seem less restless when we are home in the hot afternoons. I sometimes forget how hard it is to juggle everything and how I am always having to make adjustments and tweak things to fit in with family life, I have let alot slip which I am not proud of and I endeavor to fix these slip ups this year :)

I found that having a routine for exercise, where I actually wrote it into my schedule helped me to stay on target, I am now going to do the exact same thing with family time and also the boring day to day chores so that I can stay on task and stop wasting time.

Life gets in the way and we forget the important people in our lives whether they be family or friends and we also put ourselves last, I know that I would always put off important things for myself just so I could squeeze in another job etc. We are all guilty of neglecting ourselves, 2013 is the year to change all that.... Get out a writing pad and list all the things that are important to you and then rank them in order of priority, then give them a date in which you would like to have those things completed by.

Next get out your shiney new diary and schedule in those things from your list, schedule in exercise and family/friend time, make one night a week date night with your partner, plan out family trips and plan out time for just you where you can get you hair done or go shopping. Don't make excuses just do it! Give it a go, the only thing stopping you is you!

YAY... I finally finished a post hehe

And on that note I must be off, I have been getting 'the' look from my hound, its walkies time :)

Keep smiling and train HARD peeps X