Sunday, January 6, 2013

School holiday mayhem....

I have seriously been trying to write a post for the past week but I have found it almost impossible while my kiddies are home on holidays, makes me really appreciate the time I have when they are at school!

SO the new year is here, almost one week into and how are you feeling?

I started my year off with a doctors appointment, I am now under strict orders not train like I normally would and as you can imagine it sent me into a tail spin, just the thought of not being able to do crossfit made me want to cry..... I have been given the all clear to jog, walk, swim and do yoga. So not quite the start I was looking for but in saying that Josie my stag hound is loving mummies new exercise routine :) So too are my kiddies because they join me on their scooters.

To begin with I was mortified and terrified by the prospects of 'getting fat' but now that I have had time for it to sink in I am thinking this is a great way to start my new year, I can focus on getting back into a proper routine where I exercise in the morning and while my kiddies are on holidays they too can join me, which is helping them in so many ways, they used to be so lolly orientated but now they are more for fruit and water they also seem less restless when we are home in the hot afternoons. I sometimes forget how hard it is to juggle everything and how I am always having to make adjustments and tweak things to fit in with family life, I have let alot slip which I am not proud of and I endeavor to fix these slip ups this year :)

I found that having a routine for exercise, where I actually wrote it into my schedule helped me to stay on target, I am now going to do the exact same thing with family time and also the boring day to day chores so that I can stay on task and stop wasting time.

Life gets in the way and we forget the important people in our lives whether they be family or friends and we also put ourselves last, I know that I would always put off important things for myself just so I could squeeze in another job etc. We are all guilty of neglecting ourselves, 2013 is the year to change all that.... Get out a writing pad and list all the things that are important to you and then rank them in order of priority, then give them a date in which you would like to have those things completed by.

Next get out your shiney new diary and schedule in those things from your list, schedule in exercise and family/friend time, make one night a week date night with your partner, plan out family trips and plan out time for just you where you can get you hair done or go shopping. Don't make excuses just do it! Give it a go, the only thing stopping you is you!

YAY... I finally finished a post hehe

And on that note I must be off, I have been getting 'the' look from my hound, its walkies time :)

Keep smiling and train HARD peeps X

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