Monday, January 28, 2013

The end is insight...

For school holidays that is :)

I have really loved having my kiddies all to myself for the holidays but I am really looking forward to getting back into my usual routine! I don't know why but for some reason school holidays just throw my routine totally out, no excuses either because my kiddies have been pretty well behaved and we have been kept busy even went camping to finish off the holidays on a high note :)
With Easter holidays fast approaching (I know I know they only go back on Friday and already I am thinking about the next holidays, please don't hate me hehe) I thought I better plan ahead so that I don't undo all my hard work leading up to the holidays. So I will be planning meals and baking up a storm, no more convenience foods or junk in the school holidays and I will make sure to time activities around eating, this holidays I allowed myself to get to the point of starving which is not healthy at all and that then lead me to find 'quick' meal options which of course where not clean at all so I will be coming up with ways to combat this for the next round of holidays so that I can come out on fine form instead of feeling tired and sluggish like I have been this holidays.

Yesterday (Monday) I started a detox program, now before you go thinking that I am leaving myself hungry or depriving myself  listen up..... My detox program (my little creation) is very simple, I have cut out sugar (except for fruit), fatty foods, fast foods and all processed foods. I am eating loads of veggies the more colourful the better, a few pieces of a fruit, lean cuts of meat and fish, for the first week I am also cutting out dairy, I am also enjoying a veggie juice that I make with ginger and lemon to help the cleansing process.
I class this as a detox because in my opinion my body has been dragged down with dirty eating so take those dirty foods away and replace them with vitamin pack nutrient dense foods and my body will expel all those nasties. I have to admit its fast working too, boy I am farty hehe.... Oh and also I am drinking loads of water and herbal teas so therefore I am peeing ALOT but the upside is my skin is more moist, I also woke up this morning early and feeling totally revived and ready to get going even with my DOMS.

So along with my detox I have also taken up yoga and soon swimming on top of my workout routine of Crossfit.... Yep I couldnt stay away :) I am back at Perfit Crossfit Ballarat, they have been really wonderful and help scale back the workouts to fit me, so I go twice to three times a week along with still walking my hound (and kiddies lol)

At the end of the week I will take my weight and measurements and start tracking my progress more closely as I have been very slack at recording my journey, so pic's and measurements along with keeping a food diary will start as of next Monday. I also have to come up with some goals because right now I have no aim, which also hasn't helped when it comes to eating and training no excuse but I feel I am lacking direction so that too will be changed :)

So stay tuned, I will be posting daily reports on meals and training as on Monday.

Time for me to get dinner started....

Keep smiling and train HARD peeps X

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