Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Bring on a lazy weekend!

I have been totally run off me feet this week, I have barely had time to scratch myself!

But it's been very productive, I am now registered with a job network agency and sent in my resume today and I am also signed up to start uni in May which I am really excited about. With the goal of owning my own home by the end of this year ringing in my mind I am totally pumped :)

I bought a 2013 diary so that I can be more organised and have everything planned out and in black and white so I don't forget a thing (or make any excuses) I have made time to go swimming and also down time to do some sewing so I have balanced out my day's nicely (even included housework yikes) feeling really confident in my planning, Metabolic Precision has the motto of being prepared and so I have applied this not only to meals and training but also everything else in life :)

SO from the positive onto the whinge lol

Please ignore my ranting but UGH so frustrated that my training has been reduced from Crossfit to swimming laps at the local Y, to say that I am not satisfied is an understatement! Just thinking about it makes me sad and angry all at once.... My sciatic nerve is pinched in my lower back and this is causing pain to radiate from my lower back all the way down my left butt cheek and to my thigh (sorry for the mental image hehe) so laying down, standing up, walking or jogging are very painful at best.... I'm feeling like an utter fat lazy bum! Went to the Doctors and all he said was what are you going to do about it, I said well I was thinking either a chiropractor or physio or remedial massage....waiting for his opinion on what he thought best and all I got was they are good idea's BLA not impressed... I have been doing yoga which has helped but its benefits a short same with massage has been of benefit but again not long lasting so back to the drawing board I am going to try chiro next. I never realised that my training was doing more than just the physical stuff, training for me was also my way of burning off stress, grumpy moods and also my way of feeling energized after a long day!

Back to the positive stuff :)

Metabolic Precision is in full swing, loving the food and the organisation. I am all set to do a mid week cook up tonight and have a pot roast, beef stirfry and Mexican mince on the menu mmmm makes me hungry just thinking about it! This morning I tried a new 3 minute omelet, with feta and asparagus and wow it was yumi I ate the whole lot hehe! I am also loving liquid meals great for when I am in a rush to get out the door or when I have more time a yumi treat :)
I am finding it easy to resist foods because I am more at home then out and because I have purged and pillaged my fridge/freezer and cupboards my home is my safe zone! So I have been sugar free, packet food free for 2 weeks and loving it, I haven't had many cravings and when I have felt like giving in I put on my thinking cap and come up with MP friendly, like I got to eat a whole pizza outside my metabolic window because I made the base out of cauliflower :O yup I was shocked too but it tasted amazing! Its so true your only limited when you don't get creative with your food.

All this talk of food has made me hungry...I am off to make dinner :)

Keep smiling and train HARD peeps X

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