Saturday, February 2, 2013

Busy day....

Although it is a Saturday I have been busily preparing for the coming week, with my kiddies back at school I am in full swing (YAY normal routine coming my way) so I thought lets kick off with a perfect start by getting my housework all upto date and get my MP meals prepared.

I also took the time to clean out and rearrange my kitchen pantry, purged it of all the nasties that crept in and then filled it back up with wholesome MP foods :) I finished off my kitchen makeover by giving the floor a good scrub now my whole kitchen sparkles!

I have also cleaned out my lounge room to make plenty of room for me to stretch and do yoga.... The only down side to all this cleaning out is the rubbish, my poor bin is over flowing and I still have a heap of rubbish by the front door hehe

I haven't been to the gym or crossfit as much as I would like this week, due to detoxing I have had headaches (think that was due to giving up coffee more than anything) and I have also got a pinch nerve that is cause me pain that travels from my lower back into my left butt cheeck talk about a pain in the ass hehe but I have been keeping active around the house plus while detoxing its a good idea not to train too hard because the toxins that are being released can make recovery time after heavy training longer and make you feel nauseous.

Speaking of detoxing... Day 4 saw me feeling utterly miserable, no sugar coating it I fell off the detoxing wagon and I know it was because my will power to avoid what was in my house was at an all time low (thus the big clear out today) So due to my demise I have decided to start my MP eating now, no point waiting till Monday, a new day is a new day :)
So tomorrow morning I will take measurements and photos, plan out my meals because the metabolic window can be tricky to work around if your not prepared and I need to also make sure that my training works in with my MP nutrition lots to organised but once it becomes routine it is super simple :)

Lets talk a minute about preparation, it seems that people are now realising the benefit of exercise which is AWESOME but they still fail to see the importance of nutrition and the fact that you need to eat MORE..... I like to eat every 3 hours, I have reminders in my mobile that set off an alarm when its time to eat, I eat about 6 times a day (when I am on plan) this takes alot of pre-planning and preparation such as each weekend I set aside time to do my shopping and cook up and on a Wednesday I do the same thing set aside time to shop and cook..... When I tell people this they wrinkle their noses and tell me this or that for an excuse and all I can think to say is that if you want something bad enough you will do WHATEVER it takes! It also doesnt matter how many times you fall off the wagon its about how many times you get back on!

So if you want to create the best body you can create then you gotta put in the hard work, prepare your meals, prepare a timetable that sets aside time for meals/training/cooking and don't let anyone tell you what your doing is madness just know within you that you are doing what is best for you :)

Now get out there and do it!!!!!

Keep smiling and train HARD peeps X

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