Sunday, February 10, 2013

Pinched nerve and all things MP....

Today is day 1 of Metabolic Precision, there is a challenge through MP itself but also through Perfit (My second home) but I am not taking part in either, this is just purely for me to get back onto the MP wagon. Although I never totally fell off MP I hadn't been following it properly so I thought no time like the present to start, so I have printed off my accountability sheets and making sure I fill them in as soon as I sit down to eat instead of waiting till the end of the night like I used.

I started my day off with a nice chest workout at my gym so that's 3 points towards my weekly exercise allowance, I have eaten a rainbow today and stayed away from temptations :)

Amongst all this positivity is some massive frustrations, I have pinched the sciatic nerve in my lower back which is creating large amounts of pain that radiate down my left leg which of course affects my training. I have managed to push through at times but today I was chocking back the tears as it didn't seem to matter what way I sat or laid down it hurt so no matter how much I tweaked my program I had a tough time. I did manage to give it all I had for 30 minutes so that is a bonus but I cant help but feel negative when I know I can do a hell of a lot better :(

I have been managing to get to crossfit but due to my back I am very limited so seem to only make it once a week which really isn't making the most of unlimited access, so I am thinking I may need to make the hard decision to put my membership on hold for a bit... Another sad face :(

So if I cannot gym and I cannot crossfit what will I do? Well all in not lost as I can head to my local YMCA and go swimming, although the idea does not thrill me it is a good option as it will help take stress off my pinched nerve.

In other news.....
My house is clean and my mountain of washing has reduced to a small hill :)

Oh gosh I just realised I am boring, I have no other news hehe

Time for me to head off and make dinner, homemade sweet potato chips and homemade chicken nuggets.

Keep smiling and train HARD peeps X

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