Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Today I totally hate being a girl...

Why you ask?

Because being a girl is a lot of hard work, seriously you boys get off easy! I was so totally revved up to go swimming but then I realised I had to shave my legs and underarms and.... You get the drift :P and I totally lost motivation because I had so much on for today. Poor excuse for not going for a swim I know.... I think also that my heart just isn't in it, swimming for me was something I did when I was to ashamed to hit the gym and I guess I still have that kind of thinking welded in my head.

I did however manage to prep dinner and whip up an epic Mexican afternoon snack for my family which went down well and also cut up all my veggies and fruit ready for use. I also have a lovely lean piece of pork ready to pop into my slow cooker for tomorrow nights dinner, now to just get the chicken out of the freezer ready to cook up tomorrow morning for my chicken salad lunch. So as you can read, Metabolic precision is in full swing :)

So I am wrapping up day 3 of MP and I am feeling fantastic, I may be suffering bad back pain but the feeling of being in control with my eating makes me smile! Eating for me has always been my sticking point, food was always a comfort I craved the taste of something so I would just give in and have it bugger the consequences to my health.... But now I crave something that's better than any taste and that's my health! And I know that MP can give me the health that I am looking for :)

MP talks about habits undoing all best intentions and its so true, I never really realised how my habits were me, they were so ingrained in me that they controlled me but you know what that's gonna stop I am going to replace my habits with new healthy ones, each day that I succeed to eat healthy is a day away from the old habits and the old me and 3 days away I can already feel the difference.

SO apart from me being lazy about being a girl life rocks hehe (yeah yeah I am going to the bathroom now gee tough crowd hehe)

Keep smiling and train HARD peeps X

Here is a pic of where I am at right now (Side view):

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