Sunday, February 24, 2013

Week 2 wrap up.

This week has been a bit more successful than last week, I am still not consuming 6 meals a day but 3 days this week I did achieve 5 meals all MP so very happy about that, I am still not happy with my workouts as I only managed to use 7 points in total which is OK but its not my best.

I have been feeling really miserable this week! Today I decided I had enough, I am tired of being miserable with this damn back pain :( But I realised in the end not only am I making myself miserable but I am also most likely making every one around me feel miserable, which yup makes me feel even more miserable cause I hate the thought of causing the people in my life to feel negative as I have worked super hard to get all the negative people out of my life.... So as you can guess its a roller coaster thus today I decided enough was enough and I need to get help! So this week I am going to swim 3 times, do yoga 4 nights and also seek professional help from a chiro and also a remedial masseur, then hopefully happy bubbly Em will be back in full swing :)

I did however manage to enjoy most parts of my weekend, caught up with family (helped out with some family stuff too) I was taken to the circus and then a lovely dinner out at this awesome burger place on sturt st before I caught up on working a groove into my leather couch :D Gotta love weekends like this!
Then this morning after a sleep in (that didn't last long cause the hound was hungry lol) I was taken out to brekky, OMG bacon and eggs I have missed you hehe... Then I went out to spotlight to see if I could find some material for my skirt but nothing took my fancy so left it, might go to lincraft tomorrow because I really need to get started on this skirt so i can then make one for my sis and daughter ready for the JailHouse rock festival at Ararat..... Then it was road trip time to pick my kiddies up from Melbourne, the rest is a blurrrrrrr.... So happy to be home!

Well time for me to hit the sack, I am going to go swimming early :)

Keep smiling and train HARD peeps X

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