Saturday, February 16, 2013

Weekend wrap up :)

Although its been stinking hot, I have managed to enjoy a very well hydrated weekend. Saturday saw me twisting and turning my way through the rockabilly festival and sparking my love for sewing while Sunday has seen me donning the chef hat and cooking up a storm with whatever is left over in the fridge.
I got to watch some awesome couples carve it up on the dance floor while the smell of beer filled the air along with the sounds of the awesome bands ringed in my ears, the atmosphere was just awesome, everyone was so friendly that it just kept me smiling all afternoon! We then moved down to see all the sexy shiny cars, hot rods and Chevy beasts everywhere, I fell in love with a hot pink hot rod but sadly wasn't allowed to take it for a spin hehe. So I trundled off to find something that I could play with hehe and that lead me to lots and lots of 50's fashion and boy oh boy was I drooling!
I really felt in my element, did wish that I could of dressed up some more but wardrobe is limited at present, but then I had an idea of why don't I find a pattern and start making my own dresses, there are heaps of lovely fabrics out there and I have a brand new sewing machine that is sitting in the cupboard laying to waste.... So guess what as soon as I got home I found my sewing machine and some lovely off cuts of material so set to making an apron for my sister, been ages since I have sewn so thought lets practise...Its like riding a bike you never forget how hehe :) So tomorrow I am off to spotlight to gather some material and patterns!
So as you can gather I didn't get much domestic work done on Saturday hehe, so Sunday is shopping and cooking along with a bit of cleaning.... I so should get a T-shirt printed up that's says domestic goddess hehe.... So cupcakes have just come out of the oven and next it is onto making a nice soup from all the left over veggies and then make a casserole out of the pickled pork that I have cooked up in the slow cooker then that will be tomorrows lunch and dinner all set :) I clean as I cook so that helps to minimise the clean up afterwards which is great cause by the time that last meal is finished I know I will be buggered and want nothing more than to sit down with a herbal tea!
Today also marks the end of week 1 of Metabolic Precision, I am feeling confident that I have done well but I know I can do better :) I averaged to be eating 4 metabolically precise meals a day along with 2 liters of water, lots of herbal teas and each day I was eating a rainbow so that's bloody good but following MP means eating 6 MP meals a day which I was just not managing, I was finding that due to the heat and lack of exercise that I have been able to do my appetite was just not there, so week 2 I am going to try adding more cold foods into my eating, so cold chicken with salad and even some good old smoked salmon and salad, I am also going to get more creative with adding natural protein whey into my soups instead of having veg soup and a protein shake (which right now is chocolate and it doesn't really taste good chasing it down after veg soup).  So I now have a game plan for week 2 so feel confident that I will do even better! 
Right well time for me to dive into my fridge, get rid of all the science projects and make something yummi out of the left overs :)
Keep smiling and train HARD peeps X 

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