Sunday, March 24, 2013

FitX wrap up.

I so want to curl back up in bed and sleep the day away.... But alas public holidays mean no sleep ins for this mummy! But that's OK cause we are just curled up on the couch watching dvd's, I love just vegging out with my kiddies :)

So the weekend was OFF THE HOOK!! Super busy, saw people in real life that I only knew from facey so it was amazing (people are way taller in real life lol) got see some amazing demonstrations and watch people compete in their chosen sports. I loved the MMA, strongman and also the crossfit it was so inspiring and made me realise how much I miss lifting heavy and crossfit classes. I didn't get to see any of the bodybuilding comps which was disappointing but there way too many people standing up and with the way my back is that just wasn't an option plus I swear it was all the giant people standing up the back, I felt super short lol

I got to catch up with the AWA family and the Viking crew, I got to see alot of fit sexy women. I didn't feel as fat or out of place as I thought I would which was nice, I really did girl it on that one lol
Oh and I learnt a bit about protein, I found a great vegan protein that is made of rice and pea protein... it's not exactly the tastiest because its very chickpea tasting which will take some getting used to but it is way better on my digestion system, I got to talk to this lovely very athletic looking lady who really knew her stuff and had the flattest tummy ever and yet has had 3 kiddies!!! See there is hope for me yet :) So this is the protein that I am going to change to, its by Bioflex is totally vegan (I still love my meat but whey protein is to concentrated for me right now) I also loved that Derrimut gym was there selling awesome food, talk about easy to eat clean when its right at your finger tips :)

We also got to stay in a lovely hotel that was just a short walk away from FitX, I slept like a baby and then ate like a king at the buffet breakfast, but wow my tummy has shrunk all that awesome food and I could only eat my usual of eggs, tomato, mushrooms and a little bacon but it was yumi :)

So now that I am home I get to recover from my amazingly fun and very busy weekend :)

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