Tuesday, March 26, 2013

The school holidays are here......

Baton down the hatches the kiddies are home for 2 whole weeks!!!!

So what is this mummy going to do to entertain the sprouts..... Hard labor, chores and endless gardening hehe.... Yeah yeah that wont work :P

My man is going to organise a camping trip for us and hopefully we get to take our hound with us as the park is becoming a dog friendly park but just not sure if that's happened yet, the kiddies have no idea so they will be totally surprised, they loved camping last time they rode their bikes morning noon and night it was fantastically quiet :)

I still plan to keep up with my water aerobics classes but I wont do my laps so much because I really want to enjoy spending time with my little family, it's one thing I realised lately and that was that I was so consumed by my weight loss journey/training that nothing else seemed to get a look in, so this is going to change, especially over the school holidays! This doesn't mean that I am not still driven and determined to finish what I started, oh no.....just means that I am going to try and find balance between my goals and the rest of my lifestyle.

I plan on going back to uni and finishing off my double degree when uni goes back after Easter and also going to start dog training with my gorgeous hound, I plan on getting her into agility or fly ball after basic training as I think it will be awesome for her to be able to socialise and have fun at the same time and will also make a great hobby for me and my kiddies will be able to join in too.

I am so taken by my hounds energy, her goofy antics and her general love for life! Since my back pain started I have been spending more and more time at home with her and have truly come to enjoy being around her, sounds silly but I never really appreciated her like I do now. She is a staghound cross greyhound and has the most friendliest and gentlest nature, she is super smart and quick to learn. I took her for a walk yesterday at Vic park and these two big doggies came out of nowhere and ran up to us, Josie stood right in front of me blocking them from me, protecting me :) She didn't bark nor were her hackles raised, she greeted them and when she felt it was OK her ears pricked up and her tail started to wag 100 mile an hour hehe, but she still wouldn't let them near me, I was so surprised and proud of my little hound! I never in a million years thought that a staghound would be my doggy of choice but boy oh boy I am so glad I have her in my life and when we buy our own house we will be getting Josie a play mate, I think she misses her pack mates and I know I will love to watch her and her buddy play like goofballs :)

Also since starting at the YMCA I have decided to get Wil into gymnastics, he has a flare for climbing and flipping and doing crazy stuff yet making it look easy so stay tuned for his progress and pics :) As for Jazzy she is unsure what she would like to do, she wanted to do tennis but now not too sure, she is my little book worm loves to read and draw hmmm I will have to put my thinking cap on :)

Being a mum really rocks, watching these little people grow into big people is something that words really cannot describe! I am so lucky :)

These school holidays are going to be the best!

Keep smiling and train HARD peeps X

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