Sunday, March 3, 2013

Week 4 begins!

Good afternoon my lovelies :)

As I enter week 4 its time to consolidate what I have learnt and tighten up my meal timing. I am really happy about where I am at, I am making better food choices and getting most meals in, just that I have been a little late in having some of my meals and I find that Sunday I am slipping a little so time to tighten that up :)

I have been swimming like a fish and getting stronger each time, yoga has really been helping my back too. Although I don't get the rush from swimming like I do Crossfit I am happy to be active and giving it my best :)

I have had to put my Crossfit membership on hold while I fix my sciatic and I think I will do the same with my Anytime fitness membership too because I am now restricted to just swimming and yoga and some days even they are tough :( But staying positive is the key to being healthy!!!
So swimming and yoga it is, oh and I am going to give my friends Pilates class a go too :)

So the weekend for me was spent mostly watching the Arnold's, which is a bodybuilding competition that brings international talent to one stage, there are many divisions for females to compete in and I found it very inspirational to watch although I am still unsure if competing is for me??? I became unsure towards the end of last year, it was a stressful year but also I was just not feeling the drive for it, I had kinda lost interest in all things fitness and sort of just went through the motion.... Even though I am still unsure about competing I really did love watching the Arnold's and decided on the divisions that I would personally not aim for if I did grace the stage.
I wasn't impressed with the bikini division the girls just seemed skinny with big fake boobs (Just my opinion don't chew me out) I also wasn't impressed with the figure division they seemed all upper body and no legs and some looked sickly thin (even more so than the bikini girls) There was no physic division this year only fitness which I rather enjoyed watching their routines (2 minutes of aerobic strength action) followed by the bodybuilding division which in all honesty I had trouble finding a feminine looking women and some I seriously questioned their gender! Out of all the divisions I liked the look of the fitness girls but can't see me pulling of such a gymnastic almost dance like routine but hey who knows what I will be able to pull off when I am finally at my goal :)

So as you can tell I am still totally confused about the whole bodybuilding stage but hey I am a girl ;) I also know that when I do decide I am ready I will be in top physical condition!

The other thing that I have been thinking about is cosmetic surgery, just a passing thought as it seems that all the girls on stage seem to have fake boobs and in some cases it seems a competition between who has the biggest set! Its got me wondering if I am going to make it in the industry with natural boobs or will I need to consider getting boobs??? I know its a long way off but these things need to be thought about in depth can't just run into these things.....

In other news it is only 5 more sleeps till I head down to FitX with the boy, the whole weekend immersed in fitness I am excited :)

Right well it is time for me to eat soon so I better go get it outta the fridge and heat it up, mmmm so hungry lol sounds silly since I ate like 3 hours ago :P

Keep smiling and train HARD peeps X

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