Friday, April 26, 2013

School goes back and I get boring hehe

With the return of school comes the return of routine, makes me feel a little boring lol

So I am back to water aerobics 4 times a week, 2 sessions are normal water aerobics with this spunky instructor who has a body to admire! She is the pump class instructor to so I plan on hitting her class once bubs is born and I have recovered. The other 2 sessions are for expecting mums which is run by 2 lovely physiotherapists who have helped me to fix most of my aches and pains! The only thing is that the mums are more focused on gas bagging then they are exercising so I tend to stick to myself because I want to get the most out of the class.

My eating has still been all over the place, no weird food cravings or binge eating just eating is not timed nor is it my usual clean eating.... I hate to admit it but McDonald's has crept in when I have been stressed and I am not too happy about that but after chatting to Leisa I decided to do some research on a program that she has used and swears by because it showed her how to eat properly and the results speak for themselves as she looks STUNNING.... no more excuses of being too tired and the step by step menu with recipes will help remove any other excuses such as I dont know what to eat! So I went and joined up to Michelle Bridges 12 week body transformation, the program not only helps me with meals but also helps to make me accountable which is something I have been missing now that I am on my own. So in 17 days I embark on my new program that is suited to me and baby on board :)

So the 12 weeks program will last me till a week before baby is due, this first 12 weeks will set me up for a healthy 3rd trimester and fingers crossed a good labor (if there is such a thing hehe) I will then redo another 12 week pregnancy program after bubs is born because I need to recover and heal. Hopefully after a full recovery and relaxin leaves my system I should be fighting fit and ready to get back onto the journey of the stage :)

I am so excited with my plans so far, I also feel confident that I have the support at home to help push me when I need it!

So bump update, I had my horrid glucose test done and the results have come back perfect so no need to worry about digestinal diabetes phew! I also have really high vitamin D levels which for a Ballarat resident is odd (always cold here, well so they say) my blood count came back low and my blood pressure is very low 102 over 68 so they are keeping an eye on me, luckily my only symptoms of low blood pressure is feeling fatigued and the odd headache but otherwise I am feeling fighting fit :) My back pain is under control which is awesome because at one stage I could barely walk but now I am able to get jobs done in the morning and by afternoon I have to rest up with ice packs and heat packs but its also a great time for baby to stretch out and practise their punching and kicking techniques, usually on my bladder hehe so with only 13.5 weeks to go I am going to make sure I get to enjoy every minute :)

Anyway time for me to head off and make dinner....

Keep smiling and train HARD peeps X

Saturday, April 13, 2013

The end is near.....

The end of the school holidays that is :)

So tomorrow its back to reality, back to routine and back to having quality training/meal times.....Which I must say excites me! I feel out of control every time school holidays kick round, you think I would learn and come up with ways to prevent it from happening. especially beings school holidays are so often.... But alas its one last habit (bad habit) that I need to overcome!

I have also felt rather out of control with food since giving up Anytime fitness and Perfit Crossfit, no longer having a coach to watch over me leaves me feeling alone. I have not been tracking food intake or exercise which leads me to the feeling of being out of control so to fix this is simple! Start tracking my food intake and training and take back control for MYSELF!

I have been so worried about getting fat, I have been struggling with my inner fat chick since finding out I am preggy! I am still wearing the same size clothing I was wearing before getting preggy so this in itself is something to celebrate, but yet I can't help but look at my tummy and think I am fat..... This is not how I want to be as I want to really enjoy my pregnancy because this is my second chance! SO I am going to take my measurements and compare it to my measurements prior to my pregnancy, I reckon its going to help put my mind at ease... Some days I look in the mirror and I think to myself gee my legs are looking good and my arms are looking skinnier so lets focus on these positives and reject those negative thoughts!

So as mentioned I feel rather alone, I am not miserable with this loneliness because in reality I am not alone I have my fantastic man that is super supportive but well he's a guy :P Also I panic that I am going to annoy the poor thing with my constant whinging, I also don't want to come across as hmmmm weak (can't think of a better word) I need to find some one that can help give me advice and support concerning training and diet during the rest of my pregnancy, I was thinking perhaps there might be something online??? So going to look into that this week :)

So apart from being hormonal and pathetic right now everything is going along nicely baby has a nice strong heart beat and the ultra sound shows one very active baby that's growing fast! Tomorrow I'll take myself off to get the glucose test yuckie wish me luck as I am not a fan of needles (yes silly to hear coming from a girl that loves tattoos and body piercings) but I comfort myself  with the thought of there being only a little over 15 weeks to go..... I am on the home stretch :)

Well time for me to run, I have school uniforms to lay out and school bags to pack....yippee school tomorrow hehe

Keep smiling and train HARD peeps X

Thursday, April 11, 2013

Time flies when your having fun!

Boy oh boy how time has flown by since the beginning of the school holidays!

Time to sit back with a coffee (long black of course) and update you all on my progress and school holiday fun :)

So how was your Easter? Mine was lovely and quiet, a small family get together on the Sunday after the Easter bunny had visited and left what could only be described as a huge haul of chocolate eggs for the family to hunt down...I think the Easter bunny has grown cheeky as there were eggs in some very high and odd places hehe. I enjoyed a yumi hot cross bun with loads of real butter on mmmm my waistline wasn't impressed but my tummy was rather satisfied hehe. For me I am not a big chocolate fan but the Easter bunny did leave me one of my all time fave red tulip chocolate rabbits :)

Even though school holidays are in full swing I have managed to stick to my training, I have really been enjoying water aerobics especially when my mummy joins me :) I have been over coming a bout of flu which knocked me about, so this week I have been busy catching up on housework and my social life as I hate going out when I am germy.

I have been slack however when it comes to my tracking of my nutrition, I think now that I am going it alone I have lost focus when it comes to what to eat.... With that said I haven't gone off the wagon and been eating everything in sight, I just don't have routine... Which on school holidays is the typical thing that happens, but if I can manage to keep up my training schedule then I can do the same with my nutrition! So back to the drawing board.

As for my back, it is on the improve thanks to my boy giving me regular massages and my yoga sessions at home have helped me to reduce the pain :) I have however been over doing it around the house catching up on chores that should of been done months ago which has found me very stiff and sore but its been worth it as I finally have my entertaining area's looking fabulous and my house is back up to my standards of clean along with the washing basket can now be seen as its no longer covered with piles of washing hehe

Time to share some personal news with all my fans, my man and I are expecting :) Yep I am pregnant!!! Baby is due to arrive July 31st so excited, I cannot wait to meet our little miracle :)
So this news explains ALOT hehe my moodiness, my lack of energy and the state of my poor back... But this news makes all that stuff just stuff hehe and has now lead me to make new goals of making this pregnancy enjoyable and healthy! My first two pregnancies were horrid to say the least but this time round I can honestly say I am loving, in fact I sometimes forget I am preggy because I feel so good :) I think losing weight and getting fit along with being happy have set me up for a healthy pregnancy and this is why even though I have had to change my way of training I am still able to train and I have also managed not to gain to much extra weight, I am still currently wearing my normal clothing :)

So things will be heating up for me, with uni going back soon and keeping up with my growing family and household needs I will need to put my organisational skills to full use! Which I have to admit I am really excited to do, I never thought I would get another chance to be a mum let alone fall in love again and its taken me so long to get to this awesome place in life so I am going to grab hold of it with both hands and make every minute count :)

I could go on for ages but I must be off, my kiddies helped me do the morning chores so I thought a trip to the park would be a nice reward for their help.

Keep smiling and train HARD peeps X