Thursday, April 11, 2013

Time flies when your having fun!

Boy oh boy how time has flown by since the beginning of the school holidays!

Time to sit back with a coffee (long black of course) and update you all on my progress and school holiday fun :)

So how was your Easter? Mine was lovely and quiet, a small family get together on the Sunday after the Easter bunny had visited and left what could only be described as a huge haul of chocolate eggs for the family to hunt down...I think the Easter bunny has grown cheeky as there were eggs in some very high and odd places hehe. I enjoyed a yumi hot cross bun with loads of real butter on mmmm my waistline wasn't impressed but my tummy was rather satisfied hehe. For me I am not a big chocolate fan but the Easter bunny did leave me one of my all time fave red tulip chocolate rabbits :)

Even though school holidays are in full swing I have managed to stick to my training, I have really been enjoying water aerobics especially when my mummy joins me :) I have been over coming a bout of flu which knocked me about, so this week I have been busy catching up on housework and my social life as I hate going out when I am germy.

I have been slack however when it comes to my tracking of my nutrition, I think now that I am going it alone I have lost focus when it comes to what to eat.... With that said I haven't gone off the wagon and been eating everything in sight, I just don't have routine... Which on school holidays is the typical thing that happens, but if I can manage to keep up my training schedule then I can do the same with my nutrition! So back to the drawing board.

As for my back, it is on the improve thanks to my boy giving me regular massages and my yoga sessions at home have helped me to reduce the pain :) I have however been over doing it around the house catching up on chores that should of been done months ago which has found me very stiff and sore but its been worth it as I finally have my entertaining area's looking fabulous and my house is back up to my standards of clean along with the washing basket can now be seen as its no longer covered with piles of washing hehe

Time to share some personal news with all my fans, my man and I are expecting :) Yep I am pregnant!!! Baby is due to arrive July 31st so excited, I cannot wait to meet our little miracle :)
So this news explains ALOT hehe my moodiness, my lack of energy and the state of my poor back... But this news makes all that stuff just stuff hehe and has now lead me to make new goals of making this pregnancy enjoyable and healthy! My first two pregnancies were horrid to say the least but this time round I can honestly say I am loving, in fact I sometimes forget I am preggy because I feel so good :) I think losing weight and getting fit along with being happy have set me up for a healthy pregnancy and this is why even though I have had to change my way of training I am still able to train and I have also managed not to gain to much extra weight, I am still currently wearing my normal clothing :)

So things will be heating up for me, with uni going back soon and keeping up with my growing family and household needs I will need to put my organisational skills to full use! Which I have to admit I am really excited to do, I never thought I would get another chance to be a mum let alone fall in love again and its taken me so long to get to this awesome place in life so I am going to grab hold of it with both hands and make every minute count :)

I could go on for ages but I must be off, my kiddies helped me do the morning chores so I thought a trip to the park would be a nice reward for their help.

Keep smiling and train HARD peeps X

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