Saturday, July 13, 2013

Brain Storming....

OK boy's and girls, grab a coffee and get comfy.... This could be long ;)

So I am so close to my due date that I can almost feel the pain (YIKES) and unfortunately boredom has set in HARDCORE! So how do we over come the waiting game? By planning ahead :)

So life has been very routine and thus boring so instead of lavishing my boredom on you I thought I would save you hehe.... I have been maintaining my training and eating, water aerobics and very light strength and cardio both indoors and out and my eating has been all planned out thanks to the 12WBT (Michelle Bridges 12 Week Body Transformation) I have been able to maintain my clothing size throughout my entire pregnancy and I am over the moon about that (Previous pregnancies saw me blossom to enormous proportions so I swore this pregnancy was going to be different!) Along with my training schedule I have maintain my home, entertained my family whilst on school holidays and manage to get credits in my uni assessments... I have been one productive mummy :)

The last week has seen me feeling very tired and no energy to scratch myself let alone train, but instead of getting grumpy at myself I am listening to my body and enjoying some simple things like facials and manicures, looking after my skin and indulging in some naughty foods.... Although I am enjoying indulging my naughty side I am craving getting back to my usual habits (when I have the energy) not long now... Only 17 days :)

With 17 days to go my impatience is increasing.... Patience was never my strong point hehe but why not use this 17 days (and perhaps more if baby decides to hang in there longer) to plan my recovery and new routine.... After bubs arrives I will still have to wait 6 weeks before I can visit my Dr and get the OK to train, if my Dr says I need more time to recover he may end up in a small world of hurt but Like I said I want this pregnancy to be different and so to the recovery, I never gave myself/my body the time to recover and found myself burning out and getting sick.... But not this time!

My main goals for recovery is going to be building onto the healthy habits that I have already started thanks to the 12WBT (Might even sign up for another round) So light weights, cardio and clean eating...Keeping it nice and simple so that I can build my routine around baby. To make life a little easier on myself I am going to get myself a gardner and take my mum up on the offer to help me out with some basic housework, I have been nesting hardcore so my house is spotless even finger marks have been removed from walls and doors so maintaining wont be hard I also use a handy website called FlyLady that helps me stay organised not only in housework but also in home work but things like gardening well they just don't fit into my time so instead of getting upset I am learning to delegate :)

Once I get the all clear from my Dr I will sit down and consider my goals and options, I have a feeling that I wont return to Crossfit as I feel its just too taxing on my body and my ability to perform many of the exercises was well dismal to be honest and left me feeling defeated so think I will go back to focusing on strength but with the added cardio element because I have a desire to be able to run my local lake.... I am also not sure if I will look at competing in bodybuilding next year or if I will focus on something else, I really want to get back into self-defence and get my kiddies involved to and with a more relaxed training schedule my body will be able to cope (when I was doing CrossFit my DOMS were so bad I had to give up self-defence) I also want to take the time to study yoga, I have been using yoga to help my back pain and maintain my flexibility during pregnancy so would love to learn more.

I want to take the time to also thank my friends, family and man for supporting me and keeping me on track through out my pregnancy, I was feeling rather outta the loop during the beginning but thanks to your wonderful support and motivation I have been able to keep going and all with a smile on my face and I know that once bubs is born I will have the exact same support and be able to smoothly transition into my routine :) Thanks heaps guys I love you lots X

Well I best bugger off and go pick up my kiddies, one more day left of school holidays then its back to business hehe

Keep smiling and train HARD peeps X

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